Writers of aJonester

Our Team

This is the initial writing team of aJonester. Thanks for the support.


Thoughts by Andrew will be the more random pieces of aJonester. These posts will consist of the random thoughts that occur during my day.

I will also be the moderator of the other writers, making sure they stay in line and on topic.

Addictive Andrew

Addictive Andrew has several topics of expertise. These include movies, food, and popular technology. If not directly talking about one of these three topics, he will most likely relate back to at least one of them.

Sir Drewster III

I found Sir Drewster III on a Saturday morning during a waffle eating challenge. As I watched him complete the challenge, which many doubted he could finish, I knew I had to have him on the site.

He is an odd ball, who is very fantastical. He tends to make up situations that usually involve him in one way or another. Sometimes he is telling the truth, sometimes he is being fictitious. He is the main source of story ideas on aJonester. These thoughts may revolve around writing prompts, writing techniques, or other topics related to the writing world.


This is our youngster writer on the site. He told me that Shubbs was a nickname his father gave him when he was very young. He brings a child like appreciation to the site, giving the older generations a good view into being a young in this day and age.

He is a little obsessed with video games and cartoons that seem to be a little out of his age range, but he is surprisingly mature so he says it is okay for him to play and watch them.


Andy is our romantic of the bunch. He seems to be a little more sensitive than the other writers but is a very valuable member of aJonester as he makes sure all the other writers are aware of what the best solutions are when it comes to relationships.

The majority of the poems that are posted will probably be by Andy.


Drew is the complete opposite of Andy. Where Andy is sensitive, Drew is emotionally unavailable. He seems to be the most successful with women so we endure his stories of his weekend conquests to hear his advice in this category.

Even though the other writers tease him a lot, Drew has some nuggets of inspirational thought some time. I will try to keep his posts to the more helpful nuggets.


Pipes is teased a little more than Drew due to his Bro-like nature. He is an expert on everything involving a gym and supplements. His mass of muscles may label him as a Gym Rat, but he is to explain the more complicated workouts in a way that the average person can understand and dive into what the best supplements are.

His experience comes from working at BodyBuilding.com for almost three years.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is our financial advisor. He worked for Citi Cards for almost three years as a debt collector. He really can’t help but talk about finance. He is a great addition to the aJonester team.

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