Thoughts on the Lost Silence

It has been an odd day.

Started with a nice class of yoga, that was less yoga and more aerobic stretching.

The new movie about John Keats, Bright Star, filled the odd hours between breakfast and lunch.

Now I find myself at the keyboard.

The title today has been a curiosity of mine for quite a while. A thought that has been brewing, forming, then storming onto the whiteness of the screen I read from.

Silence. I have observed people close to me be utterly afraid of this. Seen their attempts to find something to always be in the back ground.

For some reason, I find this funny. Trying to avoid something that has to be artificially disturbed on a 24 hour basis seems like a fruitless endeavor.

I think Bright Star had a weird effect on me. My vocabulary seems to be stuck in the 1800s.

Back to topic.

Silence. I find it to be something of a necessity for my own life . Even though my mind is constantly filling with distraction, silence tends to be a great tool for creation.

With this being an important part of my own creative process, I see the people who try to avoid it at all costs, missing out on the opportunities that silence could provide them.

This brings me to my point. What would our world look like without our population glued to a television?

To think what could be achieved with just one less hour of television a day, what could that do to the world?

I marvel at the things that people in the 1800s were able to accomplish. Frankenstein by Mary Shelly was completed when she was just 19, in a time when women were still discouraged to read or write.

I believe that will be all for now.


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