Andy’s First

Hey Readers,

I wanted to get my first post up. I read Andrew’s little bio of me and found it a little brief. Not only that, but I saw Drew’s post and had to laugh as I was the one that recommended that to him a couple of months ago.

I wanted to expand on that tip of FOOT RUBS a little.

Drew was correct that the cause of the soreness is usually high heels. What he missed was a lot of working women who are on their feet all day also need this attention.

Foot rubs really are a great way to earn those brownie points regardless of the cause of the soreness. To take it to the next level, be sure to use a tea tree oil foot massage lotion. This provides a cooling sensation and also provides a great moisturizer for her feet.

NOW on to other things.

I wanted to make sure anyone who does end up reading any of our posts, knows who I really am.

I grew up with three sisters which made me a little more sensitive to the opposite gender. Having princess movies on 24 hours a day did not help the situation. But I wouldn’t trade my sisters for anything. They are awesome women who are always there for their weird brother.

If I can repay them with some simple tips, that is what I will do.

More tips later,


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