Advice for the Younger You

Hey Everyone (or the handful of people who have looked at the site),

Sir Drewster III has been dominating the posts this last week and I felt like a slacker. With today being Saturday, I believe this to be okay but you can judge me later.

Time for the first Comments Challenge!

This is where I shut up and listen to the readers of the site.

Topics will range and may even come from previous challenges. For this wonderful Saturday comes a deep thinker.

What would you tell a younger you in High School?

The graduation season has really got me stuck into that time frame. But I know my younger self could have really benefited from some things I have learned since exiting the school factory that was my high school.

Examples: Don’t eat fast food. Don’t eat three bags of Skittles a day. Avoid Aspartame. Study the textbook. Apply for scholarships. Ask the school adviser to help me with college choices. Don’t worry about what I want to do when I am older, the first two years of college are basically the same classes regardless. Girls aren’t scary, unless you think you won an argument.

Pretty much stuff like that will be great. I think what I will do is feature the top ten tips from the Comments (if we even get that many) and make sure the commenters name is Big and Bold so everyone knows who shared the golden chicken nugget.

Hope this helps distract from the boring of the weekend afternoon,



  1. June 4th, 2011

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