Reaction Post Challenge


Just saw what Andrew did for his post today (Comment Challenge) and wanted to one up him.

So I am starting a section called Reaction Posts.

Reaction Posts will work like a Comment Challenge but I ask a question/comment (never boring cough, cough, Andrew’s post) and then post up the best reactions to the question.

I thought Andrew was getting off too easy for not writing a post for a couple of days, so I thought I would start a little comments war where we battle for most comments.

Reaction Post question number one is targeted more at the ladies today, but still guys can answer too.

What are your thoughts on Guys trimming or shaving their leg/arm/back hair? Or in other words, Man-scaping.

We are trying to beat out Andrew for being lazy on a Saturday. So the more comments we have the more I can rub it in tomorrow.

Thanks for playing,


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