Stupid Tech Name of the Day!

Hey Everyone,

Stupid Tech Name of the Day – Playstation decided to call there new Quad-core amazingly awesome looking handheld the Playstation Vita, which the guys got to play with already at E3 (which if you didn’t know about you are not a gamer but it starts today). It sounds like Pipes got hired on at Playstation as a Creative Name-ineer (Engineer of Names). I hope they didn’t have to pay him too much. Of course no offense Pipes, don’t whoop my butt. I love you and next Protein shake is on me.

Had to comment on this. If you have a better name for this wonderful piece of technology, Post it in the Comments and I will submit it to the Playstation guys because I know the dog walker of one of the guys, who cleans the bathrooms at the building across from a Borders store where an employee by the name of Greg told me once that he may know a stripper who gave the accounting director of Playstation a lap dance. That is how connected I am.

Peace Out, A Town Down,

Addictive Andrew

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