True to Word, Animal Writing Prompt

Good Evening Fellows,

As I said last night, an Animal Writing Prompt would be posted.

The prompt tonight brought to you by my recent movie going experience, Rango.

Very intense plot line in this movie, or at least for a children’s movie. I guess it was nothing like the layers of Hangover 2, but that is for another post.

Back to topic. Animal Writing Prompt.

If you have not seen Rango, you are out of the circle for this prompt. As children progress to adults, stories with animal influenced characters spike around seven or eight then slowly decline until they are at a point where they are slouching in a dollar theater, making sure no one he knows saw him go into the theater.

Okay now to Prompt!

Favorite Animal Character or Animal Influenced Character from your childhood sucks you into their land. What happens next?

Wide open, that is how I am going to leave you this Tuesday of Tuesdays,

Sir Drewster III

PS – If you thought I was a little weird, I am glad Addictive Andrew finally posted. He is a fun guy, but his energy level could probably power a small city.

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