The Longing for a Great Read!

Good Evening people who glance at this site for kicks and squiggles,

I was getting ready to download some fresh Kindle books and realized something sad. I realized I have absolutely no time to get any quality reading in.

I love being out of High School. One thing I miss is the amount of time I could just relax in my bed with a good book, a glass of KoolAid, and a fresh bag of Skittles to fuel my reads.

This was the situation my dad found me in when I first devoured The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (who is a personal hero for his ability to craft the english language into beauty I would love to marry and for his ability to grow copious amounts of facial hair).

Sadly I could go on and on. I loved every minute of my reading time but my weekends were filled with the smell of brand new hardcovers not the usual hormonal fueled parties of the teenage years. This may have hampered my social development but I don’t care, I caught up, I think.

What I am looking for tonight is suggestions on some short stories that I can consume without dedicating more than a couple of hours to. It is sad to say but I think the luxury of lost sleep in exchange for the delicious fictional worlds that populated my youth, are no longer.

This does not mean I am kicked out of these lands forever, but my visits will only be short excursions.

I do have to say that I was able to commit to The Wise Man’s Fear for a three-day read-a-thon. Amazing feels inadequate when describing this book but it was worth every second of lost sleep and lower test scores during mid-terms.

Again, my plea of anyone reading tonight – PLEASE RECOMMEND ANY GOOD SHORT STORIES.

I just want to read something good, snack-sized, and most likely entertaining. I guess I will have to wait for the long nights until I get into the Publishing World, if there is one still to go into to.

Thanks for any Help!


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