Yep I named these Shoes

Hey Everyone,

As I sat at my desk today, replying to questions about protein and pre workouts, an odd smell seemed to be creeping up my leg. After studying the situation, my nose was directed to my shoes.

I realized today  my Nike Free Run+ were over a year old and it made me sad. Surprisingly they aren’t showing their wear at all, but the aroma that now accompanies my Little Stompers (a nickname that was given to them when a friend realized I wore a size 14) is starting to overwhelm my nose.

It makes sense though. Over a year of hard workouts and other heavy athletic activities will do that to any shoe.

But it still makes me sad. The Nike Free Run+ are the best shoe I have ever owned. They are comfortable, light, durable (obviously), and the mesh tops make the shoe extremely ventilated. All this adds for an amazing workout shoe.

I think I have a couple of weeks left in my Little Stompers, but it has been so long since I purchased my originals that Nike has come out with the Free+ 2.0 and the Free+ 3.o.

The problem:

Which model do I get?

If anyone out there has worn either of the these, please post up your recommendation in the comments.

Thanks for any help,



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