Nellyville is Almost 10 Years Old

Good Afternoon the handful of readers that we may have,

I was coming home from work today, listening to Pandora streaming through my car stereo, when a blast from the past hit me in the ear holes.

If you read the title you will know it was a song by Nelly, off his second album, Nellyville.

Which song was it? Pimp Juice!

The memories attached to this song and the other great songs off of Nellyville came as a surprise. I didn’t realize how much Nelly had touched my life.

Nellyville came out my eighth grade summer . I was attempting to do some summer workouts with the high school football team. Koolaide was my fuel, skittles was my NOS. I just moved to a new town. I lived in an apartment with my parents, three sisters, and my younger brother as our new house was being finished. The apartment had a pool and I was there everyday with my disc-man in my hand, Nellyville rocking on repeat, while getting my tan on.

This Writing Prompt is a Seasonal and Memory Lane kind of prompt.

***** The challenge is to capture that free and easy attitude of youth, attach that to a song at least 10 years old, and roll that all together with a spike of fantasy to make it spicy. *****

This should be a great Monday writing prompt!

Hope you all enjoy.

Sir Drewster III

PS – Click HERE to listen to other Nellyville Classics.


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