Super Hero Prompt

Hey Everyone,

Before I go off to the gym with Drew, Addictive Andrew, and Pipes I wanted to get a writing prompt out there.

Shubbs, who has yet to post because he is a little shy, mentioned that the DC Universe was going to get a reboot, the whole freaking Universe.

io9 had a great article with a ton of pictures and descriptions of this new Universe. Check it Out HERE!

If you want to go straight to the source of course you can go HERE for DC’s site.

For todays quick prompt I decided on a Super Hero origin theme. Every Super Hero has one. Superman has his planet destroyed, Spiderman gets bit by a mutant spider, and my favorite (even though outside of the DC Universe) the green Ooze of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

A great thing about origin stories, if original, you could get a movie deal out of it since Hollywood loves these stories right now.

PROMPT – Pick a favorite power, pick a crisis facing your city, and then have your character discover their power to then realize they are the only hope to saving the city from your crisis. 

Picking a city or town that is smaller than Gotham or Metropolis could add a little twist to your story. Example – Smallville. This small Kansas town is where Superman learned how to use his powers without freaking out the citizens.

Hope this prompt isn’t too restricting. As always if you find yourself stuck, say screw the prompt, and go off in another direction. Because really, I am just another writer trying to spark your creative juices, nothing more.

To Your Creative Juices,

Sir Drewster III


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