Texts in Stories?

Hey Everyone!

I had to write a non-fiction story for one of my creative writing classes a couple of semesters ago. My friend had just went through a rough break up and a lot of crazy things were said through texts.

I decided to use the texts that were sent in a story because they were too good not to use.

I tossed around a couple of ideas of how to incorporate the texts into the story and finally decided to block the texts with no indents. I also didn’t edit them at all because they are so amazing. So the spelling mistakes and random periods are all this girl and not a reflection on my writing.

WordPress doesn’t make the Short Story format look very good. I added dashes to all of the dialogue to make sure they stand out from the texts.

A quick set up for the story.

*A college bro (I was really trying to capture that mentality I guess), breaks up with crazy girl, girl goes even crazier, college bro shares with roommates because it is so crazy.


Scene from Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

– “Hey Jason, I just got an especially scary one.”

– “Is it another text from Jamie?”

– “Yea.” I heard Jason leap out of his bed and he rushed over to me. “This one is really long.” Jason tripped over our brown suede couch just to get to me.

– “This should be good, all the other ones have been.”

– “Dude, just look at it, I think she is going crazy. I didn’t even know you could type that much into one message.” I handed over my phone and Jason’s eyes squinted into concentration.


I’m going to be with someone else. I haven’t done anything to be ashamed of. I haven’t touched anyone. Just kissed. Because I’m hurt. And I don’t know what else to do but try and forget you. You just got nervous. I just wanted too much. Next time you meet someone out of your league… fucking take care of her forever. Don’t give her the false sense of security that you gave me. cause it hurt. thinking you were special when you weren’t. I’m on a mission to hurt someone… because of you. I want to bring someone to their fucking knees. Like you did to me. I prayed so hard for you. even when I didn’t know it was you I was praying for… I figured it out. And as soon as I did… I lost you. Karma I guess. Now it’s my turn. to do it to someone else. His name is Kevin. He’s going to regret ever meeting me. like I do with you. I regret our first date. I remember being really nervous. Blue tube top. black shorts. Pita Pit. You lost it. you wore light jeans and a black shirt… you tried to kiss me. I gave you the cheek. I was nervous.  You tried so hard. I was such a retard. I didn’t believe in anyone then. like I don’t believe now. You ruined me a little.


– “Wow, what did you do to this girl?” Jason said as he handed my phone back. “Seven weeks right?”

– “Yea man, seven weeks. I am just glad I got out of there. Just the thought of what she would have done if we had been official boyfriend and girlfriend makes me lose sleep at night. I feel bad for this Kevin kid. I want to warn him before she makes him regret ever meeting her. It is so weird though because look at this text.”

– I found the text from a couple of days ago and gave my phone back to Jason.


I miss everything about you. It’s not fair. I don’t know why this happened to me if I wasn’t supposed to get what I wanted. I never needed you. Just wanted. Please block me. You need to. I won’t stop. I’ll keep fighting for it. Call Verizon tomorrow. Block me. I hope it’s all been worth it


– “Maybe locking the door for the next couple weeks would be a good idea,” Jason said.

– “I think you’re right.”

– “Dude when did you get this one?” Jason’s face resembled a child who just got to open their first christmas present.

– “Which one is it?” Jason handed me the phone back and I read the text he had opened.


Sometimes… When I kiss someone else… It’s like I’m not even in it. Someone else can say the same things you said. And kiss the way you did. And my brain still wanders off and I think “I miss my baby.” And I have to remind myself you’re not my baby. I can be fine one second… and then hear a sound or a word… or see someone or thing and it literally pulls my breath out of me and I almost lose it. You gave me ZERO closure. None. Just a changed Facebook status, a drunk call I don’t remember, and some of my shit from your house back. That was it.


– “Man you must be really good at kissing,” Jason said.

– “Yeah dude, the best.” I started to scroll through my text history because I completely missed that text. I just stopped responding to them. It was part of the communication cut off. She just didn’t seem to understand I wasn’t talking to her.

– “She seemed normal, even though she was extra hot and limber from all that yoga,” Jason said as he walked away from the couch. “I guess the hot ones are all a little crazy, that one especially.”

– “Yeah man, stage nine crazy clinger,” I yelled as he shut the door. My mind wasn’t really paying attention though because I had just saw another text I missed.

Did you know… fun fact. I never wanted you anyways. Not until I fell for you. I remember the moment it happened. You really kissed me and held me hard that night… like you meant it. I wish I knew what happened. It’s not fair that you never let us talk. It’s a little bit gutless actually. I needed you to do it to my face.




I don’t know if this example really works on WordPress.

I want to hear from the WordPress community what their thoughts were on how to incorporate texts into stories. They aren’t going away, especially for my generation’s non-fiction.

Post your thoughts on what you think in the comments sections and lets see if we can get a good discussion going.

Thanks for reading,




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