Writing Prompt of the 4th!


Thanks for being so supportive everyone who reads these.

Since it was the 4th, Writing Prompts seemed to be something of a back burner kind of deal. But that was because I get to work the whole freaking weekend.

I forgot that some people might also be in this situation, and they could have a want for a Writing Prompt of the most Drewster.

So today’s Prompt has to do with fire of course. Fireworks were one of those things that drove me insane as a little kid. I tried to imagine a similar situation within the Fantasy worlds I have read, and could not find anything comparable except for the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings where they bust out some wizard fireworks and of course Harry Potter’s world where the Ron’s older brother mischief was achieved with their own brand of wizarding fireworks.

So, with fireworks being such a visual element, today’s prompt will be a little more challenging .

PROMPT – Write a scene heavy with fireworks and fantasy elements mixed.

Really try to get inventive with this one. Throw in one of those movies with fireworks to try to capture that pure energy and fun that is fireworks, especially fireworks with fantasy themes behind them.

Make a new holiday up. Hint at a long adventure that is wrapping up with a celebration.

Just write something really. I know it is hard to wait out those long hours before the sun is down and it is dark enough to get those lighters going.

And for those against Fireworks, I have another Prompt.

The ANTI-PROMPT – If you hate fireworks, write them (just as visually as the prompt above calls for) being destructive. Write them causing a fantasy themed world trouble beyond just a forest fire.

Maybe there is demons in the fireworks and lighting them releases those demons. Or maybe Fireworks are forbidden because it calls attention to the village in a bad and monstery way.

Again, just write something.

Hope this is enough to fuel you through the hard times.

Sir Drewster III


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