Fantasy Drug Prompt

Hey Internet People!

It is Wednesday and time for some freaky to spice up the middle of the week.

I always found magical drugs a fun way to trip your reader out and make a serious wizard or powerful Overlord become personal. Wizards need something to relax too (they can’t always be studious).

Anyway, for this prompt, we will get into the psychedelic mood and try to trip out some characters.

PROMPT – Create a Magical drug for a character based in a Fantasy or SciFi world.

Does this drug have to be crazy? Not really. Most of the common drugs in the real world are things that most people have everyday (caffeine anyone?).

But to make this fun, I would suggest a certain weirdness to be laced into this drug.

Maybe go Willy Wonka style and have the user float away on the wind after eating some bark. Maybe try out a toad that gives a person some intense mental abilities. Maybe just a piece of fruit takes the user on a journey into the underworld.

Whatever you decide, you need to figure out if the character is having a GOOD or BAD trip. This is important to establish so the reader knows if the character is just relaxing after a grueling battle with some orcs or if they are a junky and this drug has ruined their career as a cloning agent for the planet Gliton.

I think this is enough information to get those juices of creativity flowing after a long weekend and an unnecessary busy Tuesday.

Have a great Hump Day!

Sir Drewster III

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