Fanboy-ism Applied to Fantasy Characters

Good Saturday!

After getting home from work today, I was engaged in a strange ritual. After 8 hours of answering emails and basking in the bright light of a computer screen, I immediately went for my Apple laptop to start checking all my favorite sites.

For those who work in an office with blocked internet, this may seem normal. I do not work in that kind of office. My internet access is pretty free, only blocking the adult content kind of stuff.

I pondered on this and decided to label the condition, “being too much of a Fanyboy to the Internet.” Not a very great label, but takes the guessing away for anyone trying to guess what the condition might be.

Being a Fanboy is basically worshiping a company/person/thing or some odd combo of those; example being the classic Apple Fanboy. This Fanboy breathes Apple products, news, rumors, and odd facts no one would care about in a million years (unless you are also an Apple Fanboy) and then broadcasts them to the world thinking everyone needs to hear the good news.

The Prompt today deals with this odd fascination/obsession. A character in your story has to be a Fanboy. But the character has to be set in the medieval classic Fantasy setting. Think Lord of the Rings, but then add some crazy person who is in love with everything Gandalf does. They then share the creepy amount of information they know about Gandalf to anyone they see.

To review, today’s PROMPT Medieval setting, fantasy character who has a Fanboy complex for something (fun part is deciding what).

I would say you could do something in the SciFi realm, but I think that is too easy as you can go into the future and apply that obsessed nature to all kinds of new/weird/interesting technologies. This exercise is to get out of the technological Fanboy-ism and to create a whole new category of Fantasy stock characters.

Hope this helps pass the dull weekend away. If your weekend is rocking, wait until Monday to do this. My test characters have been pretty Smegal-esqe in their obsessions!

Sir Drewster III

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