Bathroom Scenes in Fantasy

Hey Everyone,

The Prompt today is diving into the personal. We are going to attempt the dreaded bathroom habits of our favorite Fantasy characters.

PROMPT – Write a Fantasy-type character while they are in their most vulnerable (in the bathroom).

Of course for my SciFi fans, if I even have fans of course, you can throw in a SciFi character in this Prompt.

I thought this may be fun because you don’t see a lot of books get into this kind of situation a lot. A second thought to this Prompt, post up a bathroom scene that comes to mind.

It is really weird to think about, but I have read whole books where no one even mentioned a bathroom. What happens to all that Ale at the end of the night?

I know a lot of authors edit these scenes out because it may be tedious for readers and slow down the story.

Let us show the authors of our day that our characters can be shown in the throne room as long as something important still happens. To take out something that humans do everyday, seems to be a missed opportunity to connect the readers to the characters.

I hope this comes across as a fun and interesting look at writing and not just a chance to work in a lot of bathroom humor.

Have a great Monday,

Sir Drewster III

  1. July 12th, 2011

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