Alternatives for the Old Wizard

Hey Everyone,

I was doing some thinking (something that happens so rarely now) and for some reason I got stuck on how all the great hero’s had wise old wizards for guidance.

Today’s Prompt is simple. Change that image and write them for the modern audience.

Recap, PROMPT – Take Old Wizard stock character, spruce him/her up for modern times.

Don’t get me wrong, Gandalf and Dumbledore are great role models. Very wise and very stern, but loving when they needed to be. But I want to read about a wizard that is so powerful, he rip goblins apart with his bare hands and not with a spell. I want to read about a wizard that is a child prodigy wizard, but common sense kind of stuff is beyond him (evening the power balance of the hero and wizard).

Basically something like that. I will get to work on those ones, and you start your own. Hope this Prompt makes sense.

Have a great Wednesday,

Sir Drewster III

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