For the SciFi Fans

Hey Everyone,

Seems like I have been doing a lot of Prompts for the Fantasy peeps. Well today, the SciFi fans get a turn.

Found an article that described a new technology that  can spark a million ideas for stories. It is about a memory substance that has the consistency of Jell-O, and could one day bring about the ability for humans to have memory storage within their bodies. The applications for this new technology seemed endless.

HERE is the source article, or at least the article I first read about the technology.

Today’s PROMPT – Use this technology and incorporate it into your character/s. Simple as that.

Make it fun, make it interesting, make it creative. Your story could be about how this technology is first tested on humans or how this technology evolved the species, or just a simple story of getting an upgrade of a new version of the Jell-O like memory substance.

Have fun,

Sir Drewster III

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