Insidious Bad, Adult like Child Prompt GOOD

Hey Everyone,

Sitting at work, bored, thought I would do a quick writing Prompt since I was a slacker and didn’t get one done yesterday.

For today’s Prompt, I think I will pull some inspiration from the cheesy Insidious movie I had the pleasure to laugh at last night. One thing they nailed was how creepy it is when a child’s body has the mind of something more developed. Where the movie failed for me was the awful demon that had an 80’s mullet. Mullets are pretty scary, but not horror movie scary.

PROMPT – Start out with a regular child character, doing child like things. Then slowly turn up the levels of mature, adult like behaviors.

This scene can go into the horror area, the wise mage in a child-like body, Body Snatchers area, or maybe just a wish being granted that makes you young again (think Tom Hanks in Jack but reversed).

Another thing to consider is if the character is alone or not. This will depend on which area you write in and how you want the reader to experience your freaky little person.

Recap, Insidious was a cheesy movie and the Prompt is to have a child  with adult-like attributes.

Have Fun,

Sir Drewster III

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