Swim Fan in Fantasy Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday was the attack of time eaters. I went to Harry Potter 7 part 2, after rewatching part 1. This was a good chunk of my day, but it was totally worth it (even though the books were way better).

After the Potter-a-thon came The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. This was a spur of the moment buy because Amazon had it on sale for $8.99 so I had to get it.

After reading for ever, I realized that I was too tired to write a prompt.

What does this have to do with the weird title for today’s prompt? Obsession. Obsession  to the point of Swim Fan crazy.

So here it goes, PROMPT – Introduce an obsession worthy fantasy type character to the reader. Then introduce the character that is basically crazy for that character. After that, it is all you.

Today is about set up. The reader needs to believe your character is obsessed. You can start out light stockerish then blow it out to full crazy or just crank it up to full crazy. Really this will be up to you, it will depend on what you have planned.

Planning may come into play a little more on this Prompt because usually to establish crazy, steps of increasing crazy are needed.

Hope this didn’t get to restrictive, as always you can say screw you Prompt outline and go your own way. As long as writing occurs, I don’t care.

Have a great Wednesday!

Sir Drewster III

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