Drive Me Crazy Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Semi-quick Prompt today because I have some Venture Brothers and The Way of Kings by @BrandSanderson to get to.

This may be just me, but I have come across some very odd characters that seem to drive the story forward for the main characters and then disappear. What the author did with these characters seems a little quirky to me because they spend the time to properly introduce these side characters and then leave them by the side of the road.

Sometimes, these characters are so well-developed I want to go off with that character instead of the main character. This usually only happens in early parts of epic fantasy before the main character is properly attached. Sometimes you get to see that interesting side character again, sometimes not.

Today’s PROMPT – Start the scene with your hero, establish a clear path for the hero, then slam an interesting side character into the main character and then have that character exit.

The key to this Prompt is to make the main character a little weaker, so when the side character enters the scene, they really scene. This will also make the reader want to follow that side character when they leave the main character alone with the new piece of information they were just given.

This may be a little longer than a just a little Prompt, but should be fun. It should help develop your main characters better, and avoid writing that alluring side character or at least use that character better.

Have Fun!

Sir Drewster III


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