Where was the Prompts, Prompt

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the absence. The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson has taken every minute of my free time. I had a pretty good Saturday night as well. I went to Captain American and then devoured some PF Changs afterward. My Friday was even better because I got amazing BBQ and then went to Slightly Stoopid. All in all, great weekend. If that isn’t one of the best sounding weekends ever, we need to talk or you just have different tastes than me and I am cool with that.

Even though I have missed three prompts, my mind has been churning the creative waters for the last couple of days. I have some thoughts, just stay with me, it may get weird.

The Prompt for today was actually inspired on my drive to work this morning at 5 a.m. The idea for today should be a great Prompt for a Monday, when a lot of writers are scrambling for recovery after what the weekend just did to them.

Deep thoughts. Thought processes. Thinking in general is usually really hard to write. The NATURAL flow of thoughts is usually dubbed Stream of Consciousness. Today’s Prompt will deal with a Fantasy character type of your choice of course, and applying some Stream of Consciousness kind of thinking.

This should be better than just writing through a normal character’s mind because in Fantasy, anything can happen. Which makes the random thoughts and weird thoughts that regular people think about, possible because now we are writing for Fantasy characters who usually have magic. When ideas flow into some Stream of Consciousness writing, things can and most likely will, get weird.

PROMPT – Write a Stream of Consciousness scene for a Fantasy based character, then zoom out of their head to see the results.

The second part is important because it separates the regular random and weird thoughts and allows the readers to see that these were not just thoughts but potential realities for your character. The whole “thoughts have consequences” thing comes to mind when I think about this prompt. Since we are in the Fantasy realm, maybe have your character have the need to monitor his thoughts before something awful materializes because a lack of concentration.

Hope this is a good mind reboot!

Sir Drewster III

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