Instigator Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Another quick Prompt today! Every hero needs someone or something to kick them into their journey.

So today’s PROMPT – Write your Hero’s Instigator. 

Try to be inventive with it. When I say Instigator, it can be anything. Example – person, thing, force, or even a banana peel!

Have a Great Friday night,

Sir Drewster III

  1. Sir Drewster. I am a newbie to WP and wondered if you are just putting the prompt out there for anyone and that’s it or do we check back with links? I am on Open Salon and there we have a fiction group. A prompt is given out once a week. When we post, we link from the propter to our sites so everyone who responded can read…….

    • Hey Susie,

      Thanks for subscribing to the blog. The basic plan was to just post up a prompt. If anyone wanted to link back here to show the results, that would be awesome. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I just got back from a week long camping trip. Normally I will post a prompt everyday and will check the comments and try to share the great results on the blog as well.

      Again, thanks for reading,

      Sir Drewster III
      (I will try to get those directions up on the site once I dominate my inbox back to zero)

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