Building that Loyalty Part 1 Prompt

Hey Everyone,

Just got done with the first day of work after a seven-day vacation. What am I feeling? Slight back soreness from the computer chair and a new appreciation for wireless internet.

As you may have guessed from the title of today’s Prompt, the theme will center around loyalty and may be the first of many Prompts to deal with it.

I have noticed in my own reading that this seems to be a corner-stone of drawing the reader in and making them connect with the characters. Building loyalty is also one of best ways to set up some emotional smack! Think of all of the relationships that end in betrayal, death, or my personal favorite dragon transformation!

So to get on with it, PROMPT for Loyalty Part 1 – Introduce two characters and build their relationship into something that the reader would declare, I think these characters would die for each other.

Don’t go past the moment of establishing that trust because I will have more direction tomorrow!

Hint – If this seems like a daunting Prompt, make it easy and just use some stock characters like the student/teacher or the Lovers relationship. That way you can get this started quickly and be prepared for tomorrow’s Prompt.

Have a great Thursday!

Sir Drewster III

    • The Diary
    • August 4th, 2011

    Hi! Thanks for all your prompts, they’re great! I invite you to take a look at my blog. Have a great evening =]


    • Thanks for the read! I am glad that you are digging the Prompts.


  1. Thanks for the prompt and for following me!!!

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