Crazy Time Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for keeping with the Prompts! Last week was full, with the upcoming week even fuller. This seems like a perfect time to release Loyalty Prompt Part 3.

PROMPT – After starting a relationship, establishing loyalty, and building your characters into the perfect duo, it is time for the BETRAYAL! You know it happens in every book, movie, or other entertainment involving more than one character. It is what drives stories, the drama is just too addictive to ignore.

Write that DRAMA! Write it, live it, love it. This is important because your reader won’t love unless you do.

Hope this gives you enough to work with until I get done moving back to school. If you have not done Part 1 or Part 2 of the Loyalty Prompts, do those first so you have all the pieces of the drama puzzle.

Have a great Monday,

Sir Drewster III

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