Give Me not a Dragon! (Writing Prompt)

Hey Everyone!

If you care at all about my well-being, I have settled back into the dorm environment rather smoothly. I have yet to get my bed from storage, but roughing it isn’t too bad. Just another thing to do this weekend, on top of the million other things I have to do before school starts on Monday.

I thought I would get a Prompt out before I went to my first Newspaper meeting. This Prompt is inspired by the new kitten that is a great distraction from my writing. Even though writing calls to me at all hours of the day, a kitten that loves to play in the water is too cute to pass up (in the middle of that sentence she came at me and demanded some petting).

PROMPT – Write me your Fantasy pet. Write me a Fantasy inspired pet that has a personality. Write me a Fantasy inspired pet that has a personality that is not a Dragon. Nothing against Dragons, but when you have a whole section of Dragon Adventure in the now extinct book store, it may be over used.

NOTE – If you do write me a Dragon, write it like Patrick Rothfuss did it, ORIGINAL. SPOILER ALERT if you have not yet read The Name of the Wind, but it isn’t really a Dragon, but that scene is amazing (while writing that sentence the kitten called Phish, just explored my head, then decided my ample shoulder space was a good spot for a rest.

Hope you have a great Friday. I will keep you updated on the Newspaper articles. I may have to add another “Writing” to the group of contributors.

Sir Drewster III

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