Bringing Prompt Back! What!

Hey Everyone!

My apologies to anyone that does not like the long gaps between Prompts. Taking 5 English classes may have been a bit ambitious, even for me. Not saying I am a slayer of things that go write in the night, but I tend to do okay. Enough about school, I do want to comment on the FAILED experiment that was the Workshop Prompt.

No Biggie, I am an adult most of the time and I know that people like to be Prompted to create, not to edit. I have now learned this lesson and will never again attempt edits! I may post up some other stories though, as some of them may need at least some comments to fuel revision (swear that this is not editing reworded, just a feedback request).

NOW for Prompt!

PROMPT – Pick a Fantasy/SciFi character, then have that character fight with their inner voice.

Can be a new character, a used character, a character out of your favorite book you just wrote a whole bunch of embarrassing FanFic about, or just a flat character that needs a little rounding. Make it fun, make it fast, make it cutting, and be sure to be true to that character. Since this is in the Fantasy/SciFi realm, it better be fantastical. These realms are already fantastical, so the inner mind of one of these characters better be out right craziness!

HINT – A good trick to warm up for this Prompt would be to start an argument with your self. This way, you can get a feel for how mean or nice you want to make that inner voice be. Also, remember that this is Dialogue practice disguised in a fun wrapper of arguments. I know I ruined the surprise since I told you, but it is really a good exercise to develop those skills.

Important, HAVE FUN! I don’t know if I can ever say that enough. Writing is good, Writing is great, better write or you will get cake!

Sir Drewster III

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