Paul or Your Highness PROMPT!

Hey Everyone,

I don’t really have a plan for what today’s Prompt would be called, but I needed to write something because I found myself on the internet way too long. Whatever develops below is totally on the fly, so don’t judge too much.

The internet has won after an hour of mindless surfing. Though I may learn of things better saved for later days, I will admit when I am stalling for my fiance to get done with her homework session to watch either Paul or Your Highness. I got both rom the same Redbox that is very near the campus, so I saw it as a sign to get both even though the whole town house has had almost no free time to turn the television (different from mindless surfing as it is silent) so we will be lucky to watch one. Who doesn’t like choices right?

Since I got some comedic SciFi and Fantasy, let’s dive into that genre to see what happens.

PROMPT – Write an Unlikely Hero!

Unlikely Hero to me is a Hero born not of Hero stock. The gangly, awkward, and most importantly a Hero who was not dipped in muscle oil from birth.

Paul and Your Highness both have Unlikely Heros (wink, wink why we are doing this Prompt) so if you need inspiration, I would rent whichever flavor you like (SciFi or Fantasy). After the movie is over, the Unlikely Hero should inspire your own.

Let them be funny, crass, clumsy, with weak grasps.

Go forth and have a wonderful and oddly enough Tuesday!

Sir Drewster III

  1. I would watch Paul. Stoner movies are past tense….

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