Little Did He Know PROMPT!

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the motivation everyone! My recent Prompts have been doing pretty good in regards to views and I wanted to shout out a Thank YOU to all that at least glance at the Prompts. It really keeps me going. This side project will end up being a Kindlized (not a word yet, but I just coined and anyone who reads this will be witnesses) project that will hopefully enable me to continue my exploits in the higher education system.

So one more time. Thank you!

For today, I wanted to lift a Prompt off of one of my favorite movies, Stranger than Fiction. There is a line in the movie that unlocks the key of the mysterious voice. “Little did he know…”

Today’s PROMPT – Little did (character) know….. (fill in the …. with a story that is about to be unraveled set in a SciFi or Fantasy setting).

I like this Prompt because it starts the story in a great place, the ACTION! A lot of times, the Fantasy and SciFi worlds get the details of entire populations and how they spend their Sundays before any character action is seen. For this Prompt, I want you to do the opposite of that.

Have a great Sunday!

Sir Drewster III

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