Roughest Draft Ever! HELP

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for no Prompts. I have been trying to organize them for a Kindle project and with all my amazing homework, I have been seriously lacking. I have a lot of Prompts stored up though, I just need to find a good time to type them out.

Sorry for no Prompts. I have been trying to organize them for a Kindle project and with all my amazing homework, I have been seriously lacking. I have a lot of Prompts stored up though, I just need to find a good time to type them out.

FOR TODAY. I have a short story due for workshop tomorrow (super procrastination), ROUGH DRAFT below, but I wanted to see if this thing even made sense. It is a huge dialogue practice gone awry. So I am posting it to the WordPress world for comments. You don’t have to edit, just comment if the story makes sense or not. Of course anything will help.

A Table Conversation

– I caught her flying again.


– Again?

– Yeah, she tried to hide a bloodied rag under some old pizza boxes, must have crashed hard, but I saw. Wonder what made her do it?

He thinks he sees everything. Soon enough, the scene will change for them.

– Checking in on her huh? Must be the benefits of being apart of the same breeding group. Jeff, do I sense an older brother complex developing?

– Not at all, Karson. I mean of course I think of her as a little sister. But she knows the laws. I just thought something might be up because Henrity just posted a review in the Times about her newest book, Times of the Tube. Susan hasn’t answered any of my texts since, so I went over.

Of course he thinks that is why. Always so cocky. I guess the book does have some significance, though that time had an impact on all of them.

– Rebellious little sisters are boring, but who is Henrity?

– You never talk about Henrity at work?

– You know why.

– That episode of Susan’s life was pre-Mike.

Why is he so focused on the Henrity thing?

– Pre-Mike, is that how your mind separates time? I hope Post-Mike is never a term around this rectangular gossip hole. Knock on white laminated wood. Since this was pre-Mike, or before I joined these gluttonous watch meetings, why don’t you feel me in, Jeff?

Oh great, he is really going to drag that story out of the closet. Dick.

– Filling you in, Mike, would take too many of Julia’s marvelous Italian baked goods, but I have the cliff notes.

– Flattery for food won’t do you any good, Jeff. Just tell Mike the story.

– Okay, fine Julia, whatever the chef who fills my belly with warm foods on these cold nights wishes.

Wow, little over dramatic tonight, aren’t we Jeff? I wish dad was here, everything was right then.

– Henrity was an English Professor while we were at University. Handsome, clean, vocab of a snake charmer, and he was relatively young. Basically this guy was everything a young and attractive female would want, a walking type of female kryptonite, if I may use a term of our Father this late at night.

– Let me check with the Judges. Yep, pass twelve o’clock, you are in the clear.

Ooo, sounds like someone hasn’t had their cup of coffee yet.

– Thank, you, Karson! Shall I continue?

– Sorry Jeff, that time of month and all that. But when you softball them in like that, it is too easy to swing.

– Karson, don’t judge, even if their Father isn’t paying the rent right now, his friends are.

Just because he won’t pickup our calls. I guess I know where Jeff gets his dramatic streak from. Government passes a couple of dumb laws and he gives up.

– Good call Mike, I knew a Gotham-ite would be a good counter to Miss Karson’s sharp tongue. So, to recap, Professor panty-dropper has a way with woman. Guess what? He catches Susan’s eye. So like a fly to honey, Susan has her first older man romance that she has told me about. Julia and Karson, I would please ask you to keep lips sealed about any others.

– No problem, I can’t remember all of their names anyway.

– Yeah, Susan was a pretty big, I mean Susan was a perfect model student who accepted nun-like vows on her first keg stand.

Really Karson? To my brother? Hopefully, after tonight is over, he has nightmares for weeks.

– Thank you for being so discreet you two. Mike I apologize for all these interruptions. Henrity, as Professors who dabble in the youthful arts often do, grew tired of Susan and moved on to the next bright-eyed pair of legs after only two months. Susan’s heart was used and abused, our family’s one big weakness besides the glowing green. One thing Henrity forgot about Susan, was her major. Anyone want to fill in what Susan’s major was?

– I know, I know. Was it Creative Writing with a minor in obsessively studying Superheros?

As if that was a minor. It would have been so much easier the other night if I had that degree.

– Julia is correct, sorta! Creative Writing was almost bred into Susan by our mother’s side of the family, who were all in the writing game.

– You two held up that prophecy really well.

Yeah, Jeff got the easy job. Juggling book writing and all the night activities seemed impossible.

– As you know Karson, I rebelled. Mike can confirm, we hardly do any writing at the office.

– Confirmed. We mainly torture the interns and think of ways for people to be in peril that we haven’t done yet.

– Hey Frankie, is the food done?

Frankie is still there?

– Karson, I believe the long pause is due to not saying the magic word. The magic word tonight is, double d’s. Try asking that again.

Oh good, he is so quick sometimes. He better have got everything done.

– Are you serious Julia? Hey Frankie, Pretty please with double d’s, is the food done?

– Yes, mistress Karson, your food awaits. Remind Julia, I am a cook, I did not go to culinary school to deliver food, even if I am super sonic.

Did he just say mistress? Last night was pretty fun, even if the movie choice was a little base.

– Frankie, I will never be a mistress, unless Mike is into that sort of thing I will be his, but only if he rubs my feet first.

Hope Mike is ready for ball of pent-up crazy.

– Lucky man. Excuse my Frank-ness, last night’s video was medieval themed. It must have stuck. Let me try this again. Hey, foods up, get your lazy asses up if you want to eat.

– Thank you Frankie, after you are done getting the kitchen wrapped up, I can close up.

Hope there isn’t too many things to do before close. What time is it?

– No problem Mistress Julia! I may stay around to listen to this Henrity story, he sounds like my kind of guy.

Great cover, Sir Yank-A-Lot

– You would probably like him. Henrity was considered a real King on campus, until Susan’s heart got revenge.

– Susan got revenge?

Sweet, sweet revenge. He deserved to be taken down. Even if he was only a sex addict.

– Yes, Mike, our Susan struck out for revenge. Against every hero bone in her body, Susan wrote and then sugar-coated a very subtle piece of cock mocking, which was a piece of art, but even the School Board could not ignore some of the more obvious parts.

– Was it that bad?

– Well, Mike, the title of the short story was “Hen goes left, Cock goes right.”


– I forgot about that, Julia. Pretty clever of our little wordsmithing heroine.

– Mike, let’s just say the innuendo in this short story, about a Hen and Cock, would make Frankie blush.

– I heard that, I am going to Google it right now.

Oh great, I better get down there before Frankie gets any ideas.


– Hey everyone!

– Hey Susan! You got here right on time, I was just about to tell everyone the punch line of “Hen goes left, Cock goes right.”

– Really? And why, might I ask, was this the conversation topic tonight.

– I have a feeling you already know the details of that. You need to clam your breath when listening in on a conversation. Remember we are brother and sister.

– You heard me?

– Like a Susan-made air pump.

– Don’t worry Susan, not everyone has Jeff’s abilities. The breeding program made sure of that.

– I know Julia, sometimes, I just get frustrated. Jeff already has his training.

– By the way, someone has been breaking the laws again.

– You saw that huh? I am sorry Jeff, I just had to.

– Now it is my turn to ask why.

– I get frustrated by the limits put on us.

– It keeps us protected, Susan. I know it is hard to accept the laws, but they are there for a reason.

– I know Julia, I know. It just isn’t fair that all of you got to be trained and I am the one that has to figure it out on my own. One of the main reasons I still volunteer for these nights is the chance of action. A small hope to help out, without breaking the law.

– By the way, Frankie called not it on Bathroom duty.

– Okay, I will be on that…..

– Was that the scanner?

– Whoa Mike, calm down.

– I am not joking Jeff.

– I know, I know, Susan turn that up.

I don’t need to hear what it says, I already know. Laws be damned. Revolution!

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