Good Sunday PROMPT!

Hey Everyone,

Today feels like a good day to get a Prompt out. I don’t know if it is because I am finally caught up on some of my homework (I actually read ahead in The Blithedale Romance, which is a feat until itself) or if I am just feeling like I have neglected this part of my brain for too long.

First, a lithe Kindle thanks. The Kindle book recommendation machine has recently nailed a couple freebie eBooks that I have enjoyed with great gusto! Maybe that went a little too far, but I did get to read a couple great “what it takes to get your first book published” kind of stories. Look around the Kindle library for these stories, they are well written, and usually come in bite sized essays that are great for quick sit downs with your Kindle.

On other Kindle news, I did get to reread Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. I got it on one of those Kindle deals (lost my original to a house fire) and devoured that sucker, even with all the homework/papers I had due last week. My next adventure on my Kindle will be from the Brent Weeks trilogy called The Way of Shadows (The Night Angel Trilogy). Again, I got to read this sucker before the house fire, but have not since and Kindle also hooked me up with this for $1.99 I believe. Great price for this amazing book.

Now, on to some PROMPT! Since I have been reading about these pristine utopian-like planned communities (The Blithedale Romance), the subject matter will get a little into that area. Since the Prompts on this site deal with Fantasy and SciFi ideas, I think the attempts made for these communities may be a little better since the characters may have magic or advanced technology to help make these communities succeed.

PROMPT – Use a POV Lens to go explore a Utopian society that is either working (why is it working?) or not working (why is it not working). Use this POV Lens to observe the character’s actions. Up to you if the Lens can see inside the  characters or not.

You can be as flat or rounded with your characters as you want. The Lens can even be rounded if you want, just make sure the reader can see why this Fantasy/SciFi Utopian society is working/not working and why!

Have a great Sunday!

Sir Drewster III

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