Bored Sense Less Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

No time like a Friday night to push out a new Writing Prompt! Somewhere, someone may be in the same situation as me. What situation is that? All five of my English classes decide to do a writing based Midterm. Holy crap is next week going to suck. I have been staring at my calendar, trying to figure out how to even study for this massive teacher conspiracy to screw my grades up.

Any ideas, put them in the comments area. Enough venting, time for Prompt!

PROMPT – Write a Fantasy/SciFi character, any kind you want, that has a sense missing.

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it is a little harder to do than it seems. But the saving grace in this Prompt is that the character is in a Fantasy/SciFi realm. What does that mean? Freaking anything goes.

EXAMPLE – You want to make a Wizard blind? Have them use magic to increase their other senses. Terry Goodkind does an excellent job with this in his Sword of Truth series.

One of the best parts of being in these excellent genres is the fact that, if you give the reader enough concrete proof, the character can have robotic ears that can be tuned into radio stations because they are that sensitive.

This is meant to be a Friday night challenge for those who don’t have anything to do or don’t want to think about The Blithedale Romance or Young Goodman Brown for one more minute!

Have a great Friday, and a wonderful Weekend!

Sir Drewster III

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