Odd Poem to Steve Jobs

Hey Everyone,

Had an odd assignment, write a poem of prophecy. Think scripture verses. If you want, you can write your own as well if the mood strikes you.

PROMPT – Write a piece for Steve Jobs.

Here is my Poem,



From beyond death’s door, black turtleneck and 501s will win our hearts.

Four years times Four, shall round glasses look beyond that cold door.

Gorilla Glass and Machined Aluminum formed, shall appease the masses.


Wallets will part as a flower’s petals to the sun, eager for product,

For work touched by the black turtleneck, will be considered divine inspired.

Each weld, each line of code, can be viewed as his desire.


Others from the valley of Silicon will try, but fail to gain.

The guiding of his hands, will be a sure way to deny,

Any other challenger who has not stepped through this dark door.


The masses will demand, command, and never falter from his design.

The mantle left, hard to bear, but the one named Cook,

May have a chance to bring to past the Four Years times Four.


Masses be patient, Masses be humble, ever be gracious, ever without grumble.


Launches spaced too regular, but was the way established by black turtleneck.

Lines, server traffic, delays that shall be handled by the untold masses.

A glimpse behind that sterile barrier, an honor that few will hold.


Servants of the Red Delicious, will walk the hallowed halls, head bowed.

Oaths and swears to ensure the spoils of his dedication and time,

Will not be ruined by the frothing rumor hounds at the doors.


Masses be patient, Masses be humble, ever be gracious, ever without grumble.


Have a great Night!

Sir Drewster III

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