Battlefield 3 PROMPT and Poem

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to get a Prompt out before I went back to the game (Sorry such a long gap between Prompts). For my creative writing class, I actually had to write a poem that mixed languages, so I mixed some gamer terms with images of the Battlefield 3 picture. Before I post that, I wanted to do a quick Prompt!

PROMPT – Pick favorite video game character. Either be that character or write a world where the technology has progress to the point that the gaming system can put people into the virtual world (this matters as the POV will differ greatly depending on your choice).

Here is the semi-dorky poem.


A Field of Battle, Third

First to be

Touched Twice by Frost.


Droves lined in the dark,

Released on the Witching hour.

A telling sign

from Generations

Born to ones, zeros, and polygons.


Battle Lusting.

Dark eyes,

geared for claiming.


Digit five and ten,

yearning for movement.

Mantle of Death Dispatcher

can be had,

For a mere three Bills

Claimed to be Jackson.


Strides Forward,

Afire with Destruction.


Questing for kill upon Kill.

Fueled by

reddest of Bulls and

bluegreen Monsters.


Faceless, Fleeting, Farced.

Branded lives brushed aside.

Checks and Tags,

the goal.


Numb Drilling

into soften minds.

Plied into the Perfect


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