I am Back! Prompts!

Hey Everyone!

I am so sorry that I have been gone for so long. I hate that. I bet anyone that needed some Prompts hated that too (or at least in my head, I think there is people out there that hate that). Here is a Prompt.

PROMPT – Write a Character that is composing poetry trying to out do another poet (using the opposing poet’s last poem) to win the hand of the Dragon Princess! 

Here is my attempt at a poem about poetry.

Lightly Dusted Poetica


Waves smashing against

The minuscule hairs

Guarding your nose.

Cones netted, soaked,

In loud red ceramic.


Gusts of frost kissed air

Invading the decked halls,

Swirling the simple spice,

Igniting saliva glands,

Thrusting a base want for

Your Mother’s sweet snicker

Doodle embrace.



Notes whisks your thoughts

Back to skinned knees,

Played in jeans, and red

Cellophane guarding tannish

Bears who received

Spiced kisses.



Don’t let your mind’s

Expectations steer you from

Scenes of cookie-infused

Delight, carefully crafted in

To neat lines.


Let go of those pressed smile

Bears, the grass infused jeans

Too, Come back to your

Artificial dream tormented

By my Cinnamon.

Since I am about to restart this Prompt machine, any suggestions for future prompts would be amazing!
Have a Wonderful Thursday,
Sir Drewster III
  1. This is so awesome! I love how you used all of the senses.
    I am going to put some cinnamon in my coffee~

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