Black Friday Tips and PROMPT!

Hey Everyone,

So this is a little off base for a Writing Prompt today, but I want to share some Black Friday planning knowledge I have gained over the years. I will also include a Prompt at the end of the post to make sure this is not a waste of time for those who could care less about Black Friday, but I have already shared this information with friends and family and the surprised reactions I keep getting made me want to share with anyone who reads the site.

To make this as short as I can, my biggest tip for a successful and ensured lowest priced Black Friday adventure is,

This site is an amazing site to find deals all year, but Black Friday is when they heat up.

HINT – to find the best deals on look to the right of the page for TRENDING DEALS, Click on that. Then sort the thread by clicking on THREAD STARTED. This will let you see all the newest stuff that is posted before it hits the front page which will increase the chance of getting the deal.

Also, has a whole Black Friday section found on the top of the page. Click that to see a breakdown of all the printed ads and where and when the best deals are.

Another site that is fun is (a Gawker blog branch). They have a “Black Friday Cheat Sheet” ( that they update all the time. This is organized by-product type (mainly gadgets) and location of deal so it can be a good place to pre game before you go battle the deal-seeking hoards out in the wild.

I know there are a lot of other sites out there, and a simple Google search will pull up the most common ones. These two sites are what I am working with, so I hope this information is helpful. If you want to put your favorite site and tips for Black Friday in the comments, I strongly encourage you to do so to help others out there.

Now time for the Prompt. This is a challenge Prompt.

PROMPT – Write a convincing Black Friday type of event based in the Fantasy/SciFi realms. The character can be as flat as a pancake, but make the things they are trying to buy as vivid as possible. Make the buying lust ooze from each paragraph.

HINT – Remember, as sad as this is, people have sustained major injuries in Black Friday events. The passion to find a deal can be as strong as a Hero wanting to defeat the evil warlord.

Hope this information was helpful and the Prompt slightly entertaining. Have a great Holiday weekend,

Sir Drewster III

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