Classical Monster Children Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to get a post out for the Friday night writing gangsters.

I am starting a research paper involving Frankenstein and Dren from Splice. Focusing on Dren being one of Frankenstein’s Great Grand Daughters (around 7th generation).

“Say what now?” said pretty much every person I told this to, but it is crazy how close the plot of these two stories are.

Here is an excerpt from my Paper Proposal:

Fear of losing control and the fear of the unknown irrationally dictates the decision-making process.

In modern times, advancements in genetics, robotics, medical and energy research, and many other areas has moved so fast that Splice translates into a warning of the not too distant future and what it may hold for humanity if we are not careful.

In Frankenstein, Shelley doesn’t condemn science itself, but rather the abuse and misuse of it by ignorant or irresponsible individuals.

PROMPT – Create a scion of a Classical Monster, like Frankenstein/Dren, and introduce them into the world of the not to distance future.

Hope this loosens the kink in the hose of your creativity. Happy Friday night.

Sir Drewster III

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  2. Sidonie Gabrielle Colette: “Writing only leads to more writing.”

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