Thoughts on Editors Little/Big Influencers and PROMPT

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Little thicker Post/Prompt today. This is an excerpt from a paper about the “Little Magazine.” This doesn’t even address the relevance of the “Little Magazine” for today’s audience or the failing reproduction rate the English Department all over the country has created, that is a Prompt or two away. Of course these are all my opinions, sprinkled with assigned readings from one of my classes.

Money is not the only corrupter of influence. Lord Acton’s words echo, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men [editors] are almost always bad men.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I read my assigned readings for this week. Robinson’s article “Academia and the Little Magazine” was one of my favorites, calling out the university “Little Magazine” and their copious publications for diluting the true literary “Little Magazines.” Robinson argues this onslaught corrupts the spirit of rebellion against the traditional and commercial magazines (27).

Parisi’s article “The Care and Funding of Pegasus,” broke down the financials of Poetry and Miss Monroe’s struggle with funding during her tenure (218). Parisi reinforced the dangers of Robinson’s argument, but Miss Monroe’s constant fund drives flavors whatever choices she ended up making.

What is the difference between favors granted to deep pocketed ladies versus university sponsorship? Replace the fancy ladies with funds collected from thousands of students and Robinson’s argument becomes slightly moot. Why slightly moot? The selection process of one or the few will always be flavored with bias and personal opinion that may slant a publication outside of their mission statement. With each set of editorial eyes, I will admit a lessening of slant, but Lord Acton’s words should serve as a warning and a corner-stone for any publication to avoid a premature death or mistrust of their readers.

END of Excerpt

Does anyone want a Prompt? Fantasy/SciFi Fund Raising.

PROMPT – Plain and simple, write a high-ranking character in an awkward door approach. Make the project the character is raising money for beyond goofy.

Note – Have fun, it is Monday night!

Hope this wasn’t too out of no where, sometimes aiming a school paper for an internet audience helps the paper’s message crystalize to something a professor might appreciate more.

Sir Drewster III

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