One of the best companies I check in on regularly, HZO,  just came out with an Origin Story of sorts.

From the article,

“Horizons Ventures seeks out disruptive technology focused start-ups that are driving positive changes for the future; these start-ups also have a track record of becoming household names after several years. Recent investments by the company include Hampton Creek Foods, Impossible Foods, Viv Labs and Muufri; the company also invests in companies in finance, artificial intelligence, mobile, and security.

Horizons Ventures was one of the first companies to invest in HZO in late 2011 by purchasing a $3 million stake in HZO as part of a preferred equity investment. Patrick Poon represents Horizons Ventures on HZO’s Board of Directors.”

If you want to know more about HZO, another recent article goes more in depth about their abilities,

“HZO offers the world an alternative to internal rubber seals and bulky, ugly cases. We don’t protect against water leaking into your device. We protect the components inside devices so it doesn’t matter if water gets in. HZO creates an internal seal around the important electronic components that run your device, creating a barrier between them and any liquid that could potentially cause harm.”

Reader Challenge,

Post in the comments what you would protect with HZO‘s Water/Corrosion Resistant abilities? 

Here is a Visual to get the imagination started.

HZO Image

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