Writer’s Bio


I am 26, have a Bachelors degree in English from ISU, and have an addiction to science and technology.


Researching, analyzing, and projecting how a technological development or scientific break could impact the world, from small startup companies or corporate skunkworks, would be a dream job.

I am also fascinated by past innovations that were shelved, to see how they could be applied in a new way to our time.

The Beauty and the Geek

The Beauty and the Geek


Bioengineering – Nutrients, Materials, Health, Fuels
Advanced Composites – Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, High Strength Glass
Materials Science – Graphene, Nanocellulose, MU Titanium Dioxide
Nuclear Technologies – Liquid Fuels, Alternative Designs, LENR
Space Proplusion – Chemical, Fission, Fusion
Green Materials
Algae Technologies
Additive Manufacturing
3D Modeling
Systems Architecture
Modular Building
Body Optimization – Supplements, Temperature Therapies, Diets
Serialized Stories – Movies, TV, Books, Comics

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