Up-Cycled 3D Printing Materials and PROMPT

Good Morning and Happy Weekend!

I can’t believe it is already May 4th! I wanted to share an amazing development in 3D Printing Materials I ran across last night.

Emerging Objects – can use Paper, Salt, Cement Polymer, Nylon, Wood Pulp, and Acrylic in their 3D Printing Processes.

FROM SITE – That “other direction” is organic and renewable: salt harvested from San Francisco Bay, wood pulp, and clay. Using a standard powder-based 3D printer, they and their students have figured out how to print bricks, components, and furniture using recyclable materials. What does 3D-printed wood look like? Weirdly realistic: it has a faux grain, simply because of the layered printing process. The salt, meanwhile, looks like “solid milk,” to borrow Rael’s words. Shockingly, it’s all super strong, thanks to reinforcement techniques developed in-house—their printed cement is actually stronger than standard stuff. But most importantly? It’s 90% less expensive than current 3D printing technology.

When I read this article I almost pooped myself. I have been trying to figure out a good alternative to dumping the “Brine” solution, a byproduct from Desalination plants, back into the ocean since this process tends to sterilize the surrounding area due to the incredible amounts of salt now in the water.

Since Perforene and other Thin Membrane filters are about to revolutionize the Desalination Plant (making them a very exciting business to start) makes having the ability to 3D Print one of the main byproducts, basically Salt, is incredible.

GeoTUBE Tower – This is one of the Emerging Objects Salt Building partnerships.


Their idea looks very cool, but simplifying the design process down to basic building blocks that are strong and weather proof, which a Desalination Plant can form on site, would allow the locals to carry away cheap building materials. This would be a massively beneficial way to up-cycle that extra salt while preserving the aquatic life around the plant.

Since most of the 3D Printing methods allow for layering, the different combinations of cheap byproducts allows for an immense range of properties that can be added to the end building material. Salt is not the only thing that is left behind after making clean water. The other materials could also be concentrated and used in this process.

WRITING PROMPT – What would you build with Salt bricks? Have the process of building that structure be the central focus of a quick glimpse inside your character.

Example Question – Does your character build their own structure or would they order it to be assembled?

Have a Wonderful Weekend,

Sir Drewster III

Joule Unlimited and Joule Fuels Update/PROMPT

Hey Everyone!

As the close of my Creative Writing Degree draws nearer, those hard life questions have assumed a large amount of my time. But, I just can’t be quiet about some of the recent announcements that have come out of one of my favorite companies, Joule Unlimited and Joule Fuels.

First announcement comes from a press release posted on 4/15/13 that is a basic summary from a presentation at the Advanced Biofuels Leaders Conference 2013.

Joule Extends Solar CO2-Conversion Platform to Produce Renewable Gasoline and Jet Fuel 

– Joule today announced another industry first in renewable fuel production: the direct conversion of waste CO2 into the essential components of gasoline and jet fuel. The breakthrough gives Joule the opportunity to expand its Sunflow™ product line and help address global demand for true hydrocarbon fuel replacements.

– To date, renewable hydrocarbon-based fuel substitutes have required the complex, multi-step conversion of algal or other agricultural biomass feedstocks into fuel pre-cursors, and subsequent chemical upgrading. In contrast, Joule has engineered photosynthetic biocatalysts that convert waste CO2 into hydrocarbons through a patented, continuous process. Joule has been successfully scaling its process for making ethanol (Sunflow-E) while also developing long-chain hydrocarbons for diesel (Sunflow-D). With its latest breakthrough, Joule becomes the first company able to directly produce medium-chain hydrocarbons which are substantial components of gasoline (Sunflow-G) and jet fuel (Sunflow-J).

Click the LINK to check out more from the press release. But the important thing is Joule Unlimited has unlocked the potential to make Jet and Gasoline fuels on top of the already impressive Ethanol and Diesel variants by redefining what most EcoCritics call a waste gas (CO2) and using it to fuel (little biofuel humor) their Cyanobacteria factories.

If that sounds weird, don’t worry it is. But this is the essentially the same process as making beer. Real simply, Brewers feed yeast cultures simple sugars (mash) and the yeast cultures in turn produce the vapors that gets turned into alcohol. Here is an info graphic from PopSci that breaks that down.



That wasn’t the only tasty nugget of information that David Berry and crew had available. Looks like the Joule Unlimited family is expanding, with Joule Fuels. Their offices are even in The Netherlands! 

While looking around the new JouleFuels.com, I came across several new pictures of the camera shy production plant out in Carlsbad, New Mexico.



I can’t even count the amount of time I spent refreshing Google Maps when I first heard about this plant being built. Now, here it is, no blur or anything! 

Are you as Geek-ed up as I am about those pictures? Probably not, but if you have seen my previous work, you know I am uber-Geek when it comes Joule Unlimited, ProNutria, and many other fringe science projects (More on that in the coming posts).

I often ask myself, am I holding back some of the more technical details when I tell anyone who will listen about this technology. I mean, it is really hard to visualize something this odd. Well, Joule Fuels has a few more nuggets of awesome to share with us.




Now, I know this looks different from the old Solar Panel setup, but this design is a lot more efficient and has a lot less materials required to build, making large economies of scale a lot easier to obtain than the initial solid frame structures still found on Joule Unlimited’s site.

One thing that has always bugged me, is the amount of stealth some of these companies run when first starting. Well, Joule Fuels has one more fun nugget.




This was an even sweeter piece of information than the pictures of the plant. A freaking path to market page! April 15th, when I discovered all of this, could potentially be a mini Christmas for me from now on. I didn’t realize it at first, but I was in a Joule Unlimited dry spell. I found myself watching David Berry’s SolveForX Video over and over again. I checked rumor sites, websites, and comments on past articles to see if there was a nugget of something new (which actually lead me to the successful Google Maps search for the plant). But none of that compares to getting all of this new information and pictures!

I better stop for now. I will end it the way all my entries are, with a Writing Prompt!

PROMPT – Create a job/industry servicing the rapid expansion of building this technology. Your character will be brand new to this industry, bearing witness to some of the potential growing pains of an entirely new way of producing fuel from what humanity used to call waste.

PS – Just to make sure I don’t get in trouble for this, I am not associated with Joule Unlimited or Joule Fuels in any way, even though I would love to be. The views and opinions in this post are my own crazy fanboy thoughts. All pictures can be sourced by the links provided. I hope you enjoy this post, much more like it will be coming down the road.

Wow, I need to Get back!

It has been too long since I last posted on here. It is time for aJonester to come back online. I hope to bring back some of the flavor I had previously, but with a little more polish as I have grown a whole year. Look for the Prompts and technobabble to be back this week.

Sir Drewster

PROMPT Fishing!

Hey Everybody,

I don’t know if you know, but my last  post was numbered 100. My feelings towards this achievement are mixed to the point of a marbled cooled, cream based confection confined in a styrofoam half circle.

Desserts aside, lately I find myself pondering things of a currency aggregating nature. Things like my proposed eBook of Prompts so people don’t have to click-through all these links to get at something tasty for their minds.

Thinking out far-reaching goals leads to an ADD inspired thought jumping. The primordial ooze that this self-produced eBook currently inhabits baited my thoughts to the iPad 3. I am not partial to a specific OS, but the iPad 3 rumors are overtaking the many tech blogs that I visit on the daily. This constant exposure to Apple flavored speculation has led my mind to believe I will get one of these pieces of tech art so I can better interact with my own “art.”

What do I mean by this? Aside from justifying a $500 tablet purchase, this culmination of ADD thought jumping and tech rumors equates to enhancing my potential eBook of Prompts with touch, video, and web connected interactions.

How and why are these thoughts worth anything to the Internet’s pool of thoughts? You tell me.

PROMPT – Allow a character to express their true feelings through an anonymous persona, through a publishing format familiar or fantastical, which contradicts that character’s true life. Focus on personal relationships and possible political ideals that cause some heated dialogue that forces the character’s true beliefs or feelings to be exposed.

Hope you have a great day,

Sir Drewster III

SciFi Inspirational Websites and PROMPT!

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to put together a nice guide to MY future looking sources of creative inspiration. These websites aren’t secret but some of them are a little more on the down low. I will start with the more popular, well-known websites and break down to the more rare ones aimed at the underground scientific community, and throwing a few companies to follow at the end.

The first grouping of sites offer a wide range of announcements, reports, discoveries, and just interesting reads.

engadget.comgizmodo.comwired.com, and gizmag.com  – This grouping of sites offers a wide range of announcements, reports, discoveries, and just interesting reads into the technology and gadgets arenas.

technologyreview.com (MIT), newscientist.compopsci.com, arstechnica.com, and popularmechanics.com – This group focuses a little more on the scientific.

i09.com – This is a sister site of Gizmodo, but it is worth running into the strange articles and announcements found there.

ted.com and wesolveforx.com – Great sites for cutting edge VIDEO presentations. We Solve for X is a newer site sponsored by Google – the videos are focused on new discoveries in technology and how to apply them to big world problems. TED is a huge resource of all kinds of interesting stuff.

nextbigfuture.com and acceler8or.com – These are the more down low websites for interesting reading to expand and inspire.

I have to apologize, this post is also an informational probe into the viewers of these Prompts. If any other website or company provides some awesome articles, POST THE LINKS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION to share with everyone else.

These are companies that have products or innovations that can set the creative energies boiling!

SpaceX.com and Telsa.com – Of course Elon Musk has to be listed in this section. Check out the forums for some fun reading.

chamtechops.com – Spray on antenna. This technology is one of Google’s We Solve for X featured technology talks. In his talk, Anthony Sutera seems to be asking anyone in the audience to collaborate with him to make new stuff.

jouleunlimited.com and EssentientDavid Berry is an amazing man, in charge of at least six companies. These two companies will transform our world. Both companies have physical plants and will blow your mind.

bigelowaerospace.com – Inflatable modules for space! This site doesn’t update too often but the Forums are usually a great area for discussion.

energyfromthorium.com – This is not a company but a crazy source of information on nuclear energy. Thorium Remix 2011 (2012 seeking funding) is a good primer for information about Thorium, but their forum and Facebook page updates with new information all the time. Flibe Energy is one company working on solving the short-sighted vision of previous presidents.

I am trying to think of other sites or companies that need to be on this list, but I am getting hungry. Just for kicks, here is a Prompt!

PROMPT – Remember Luddites? Write a Luddite prophet in a future heavy civilization, who uses technology to spread their message.

Hope this is a great resource for those days that the internets have turned into a slug of a time.

Have a great day,

Sir Drewster III

Thoughts on Editors Little/Big Influencers and PROMPT

Hey Everyone,

Little thicker Post/Prompt today. This is an excerpt from a paper about the “Little Magazine.” This doesn’t even address the relevance of the “Little Magazine” for today’s audience or the failing reproduction rate the English Department all over the country has created, that is a Prompt or two away. Of course these are all my opinions, sprinkled with assigned readings from one of my classes.

Money is not the only corrupter of influence. Lord Acton’s words echo, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men [editors] are almost always bad men.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I read my assigned readings for this week. Robinson’s article “Academia and the Little Magazine” was one of my favorites, calling out the university “Little Magazine” and their copious publications for diluting the true literary “Little Magazines.” Robinson argues this onslaught corrupts the spirit of rebellion against the traditional and commercial magazines (27).

Parisi’s article “The Care and Funding of Pegasus,” broke down the financials of Poetry and Miss Monroe’s struggle with funding during her tenure (218). Parisi reinforced the dangers of Robinson’s argument, but Miss Monroe’s constant fund drives flavors whatever choices she ended up making.

What is the difference between favors granted to deep pocketed ladies versus university sponsorship? Replace the fancy ladies with funds collected from thousands of students and Robinson’s argument becomes slightly moot. Why slightly moot? The selection process of one or the few will always be flavored with bias and personal opinion that may slant a publication outside of their mission statement. With each set of editorial eyes, I will admit a lessening of slant, but Lord Acton’s words should serve as a warning and a corner-stone for any publication to avoid a premature death or mistrust of their readers.

END of Excerpt

Does anyone want a Prompt? Fantasy/SciFi Fund Raising.

PROMPT – Plain and simple, write a high-ranking character in an awkward door approach. Make the project the character is raising money for beyond goofy.

Note – Have fun, it is Monday night!

Hope this wasn’t too out of no where, sometimes aiming a school paper for an internet audience helps the paper’s message crystalize to something a professor might appreciate more.

Sir Drewster III

Superbowl of Sword Fights Prompt

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Thought I get another Prompt out for the weekend writing warriors.

Of course the SuperBowl is on today. If you have not experienced a Fantasy or SciFi adventure that didn’t have some sort of epic match up with weapons, Swords/Light Sticks with DubStep quality sound effects, then you have not earned the nerd badge of destiny (they are totally worth it by the way).

Writing action scenes is an art that can only be absorbed Highlander style. I hope this helps that preparation.

PROMPT time – Anticipation, Gambling, Food, and Swag are all important to the overall hype of the event. Try to capture that.

Note – Don’t worry about the actual showdown yet, just build the tension like no other.

Hope this helps get through all the homework and bad ads.

Sir Drewster III

Classical Monster Children Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to get a post out for the Friday night writing gangsters.

I am starting a research paper involving Frankenstein and Dren from Splice. Focusing on Dren being one of Frankenstein’s Great Grand Daughters (around 7th generation).

“Say what now?” said pretty much every person I told this to, but it is crazy how close the plot of these two stories are.

Here is an excerpt from my Paper Proposal:

Fear of losing control and the fear of the unknown irrationally dictates the decision-making process.

In modern times, advancements in genetics, robotics, medical and energy research, and many other areas has moved so fast that Splice translates into a warning of the not too distant future and what it may hold for humanity if we are not careful.

In Frankenstein, Shelley doesn’t condemn science itself, but rather the abuse and misuse of it by ignorant or irresponsible individuals.

PROMPT – Create a scion of a Classical Monster, like Frankenstein/Dren, and introduce them into the world of the not to distance future.

Hope this loosens the kink in the hose of your creativity. Happy Friday night.

Sir Drewster III

Publishing App for That, Prompt!

Good Morning!

A morning of snow, black ice driving, and frantic essay reading forced me to look elsewhere for a couple of moments. A break for my mind is usually found in mindless internet browsing, filled with tech news and funny pictures. But my absence from aJonester.com has bugged me for quite some time, to the point that my mindless internet browsing was viewed from my third person POV as a bigger waste of time than usual.

I guess what I am trying to say is I will try better to get these Prompts back on track, though Senior year of college came with such a workload change that I may have to try to get my homework done (reason why my essay reading was frantic instead of nap inducing).

One reason the guilt of not writing these Prompts, that may or may not inspire at least a new Word doc to be created, was so overwhelming today was Apple’s announcement of the revamped iTunes U, free iBooks Author OS X app (for people to create eBooks/eTextbooks!), and iBooks 2 e-textbook platform with support from 90% of publishers, offering interactive Textbooks for around $14.99 or less (compared to $80 dead tree textbooks)!

That long, confusing poor excuse for a paragraph has reignited my desire to get a Prompt book created so I can pay for my never-ending college classes descending upon my bank account without the help of the Government. This announcement also holds promise for people like my almost high school graduated brother who could be released from the $500 book bill each semester (it is too late for me). I will most likely expand on this information at a later time, though right now, I just want to get to the Prompt.

To end this unorganized and rambled preamble before the internet gets tired of reading, here is the first Prompt of 2012!

PROMPT – Write a conversation, two characters (Fantasy or SciFi setting), where information is needed from a book and that information is stored in a singular device instead of the stock Wizarding library of never-ending books/bookshelves. 

Note – Since the hunt of said information is no longer the lynch pin of the scene, force a new focus for the characters to discuss. What happens to our worlds (Fantasy/SciFi) when unlimited information becomes common day and the journey for this information no longer occupies the middle part of the story?

Hope this Sunday Prompt has something of value to jumble up the creative juices.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sir Drewster III

Black Friday Tips and PROMPT!

Hey Everyone,

So this is a little off base for a Writing Prompt today, but I want to share some Black Friday planning knowledge I have gained over the years. I will also include a Prompt at the end of the post to make sure this is not a waste of time for those who could care less about Black Friday, but I have already shared this information with friends and family and the surprised reactions I keep getting made me want to share with anyone who reads the site.

To make this as short as I can, my biggest tip for a successful and ensured lowest priced Black Friday adventure is,


This site is an amazing site to find deals all year, but Black Friday is when they heat up.

HINT – to find the best deals on Slickdeals.net look to the right of the page for TRENDING DEALS, Click on that. Then sort the thread by clicking on THREAD STARTED. This will let you see all the newest stuff that is posted before it hits the front page which will increase the chance of getting the deal.

Also, Slickdeals.net has a whole Black Friday section found on the top of the page. Click that to see a breakdown of all the printed ads and where and when the best deals are.

Another site that is fun is Gizmodo.com (a Gawker blog branch). They have a “Black Friday Cheat Sheet” (http://gizmodo.com/5851137/the-ultimate-black-friday-gadget-cheat-sheet) that they update all the time. This is organized by-product type (mainly gadgets) and location of deal so it can be a good place to pre game before you go battle the deal-seeking hoards out in the wild.

I know there are a lot of other sites out there, and a simple Google search will pull up the most common ones. These two sites are what I am working with, so I hope this information is helpful. If you want to put your favorite site and tips for Black Friday in the comments, I strongly encourage you to do so to help others out there.

Now time for the Prompt. This is a challenge Prompt.

PROMPT – Write a convincing Black Friday type of event based in the Fantasy/SciFi realms. The character can be as flat as a pancake, but make the things they are trying to buy as vivid as possible. Make the buying lust ooze from each paragraph.

HINT – Remember, as sad as this is, people have sustained major injuries in Black Friday events. The passion to find a deal can be as strong as a Hero wanting to defeat the evil warlord.

Hope this information was helpful and the Prompt slightly entertaining. Have a great Holiday weekend,

Sir Drewster III