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PROMPT Fishing!

Hey Everybody,

I don’t know if you know, but my last  post was numbered 100. My feelings towards this achievement are mixed to the point of a marbled cooled, cream based confection confined in a styrofoam half circle.

Desserts aside, lately I find myself pondering things of a currency aggregating nature. Things like my proposed eBook of Prompts so people don’t have to click-through all these links to get at something tasty for their minds.

Thinking out far-reaching goals leads to an ADD inspired thought jumping. The primordial ooze that this self-produced eBook currently inhabits baited my thoughts to the iPad 3. I am not partial to a specific OS, but the iPad 3 rumors are overtaking the many tech blogs that I visit on the daily. This constant exposure to Apple flavored speculation has led my mind to believe I will get one of these pieces of tech art so I can better interact with my own “art.”

What do I mean by this? Aside from justifying a $500 tablet purchase, this culmination of ADD thought jumping and tech rumors equates to enhancing my potential eBook of Prompts with touch, video, and web connected interactions.

How and why are these thoughts worth anything to the Internet’s pool of thoughts? You tell me.

PROMPT – Allow a character to express their true feelings through an anonymous persona, through a publishing format familiar or fantastical, which contradicts that character’s true life. Focus on personal relationships and possible political ideals that cause some heated dialogue that forces the character’s true beliefs or feelings to be exposed.

Hope you have a great day,

Sir Drewster III

First from Addictive Andrew

Hello Everyone,

This will be my introduction to the world. I was on vacation due to my intense need for vacation. If this makes sense to you raise your mouse. If you use a track pad, do a little finger dance.

Enough SHENANIGANS (Word of the Day on my Word Calendar) time for some fun.

I was one of the lucky people to have enough attention span to watch the entire Apple Keynote yesterday where they talked about OS X Lion, iOS 5, and of course the new fluffy of the technology world, iCloud.

All of these things are great and wonderful if you have Apple branded to your forehead, but what if you don’t?

Well, a lot of the innovation that seems to ooze through Apple usually finds itself into the other tech brands anyway or they put a classic Apple flavored twist on something that has already been out on Android or Windows for a while and now have the you know whats (I hear they are quite big) to charge for these “new” features.

I don’t complain too much though because I may be writing this on a MacBook Pro, or I may be writing this on something else that didn’t cost a small chunk of my insurance money from when my house burned down. You will never know.

Well actually I do run on a MacBook Pro because I was tired of all the viruses. They seemed to plague me, stocked me even. It got weird for a while but I eventually socked away enough of that insurance money to buy this aluminum security blanket and don’t regret it.

My particular MacBook Pro is working on its third year and it seems like new laptops are still trying to catch up with it.

Which brings me to my questions of the day!

Apple, Windows, or Google (have to include them now because of the ChromeBooks that look so neat)?

Personally I run a little hybrid of the three. With a 4 inch Android phone (EVO 4G), a MacBook Pro, and a Windows-based work computer.

With all these different versions of software in my life, I have become almost software ADD, but I like it because it forces me to keep up on three different Operating Systems with a handful of supporting software. It basically keeps my day very busy.

The main Blogs for technology I use and most likely will be the source of the information you find on here are going to be listed right under this sentence.,,, (even though you may or may not need a freaking degree to understand half of their posts),, big fan of, and a handful of other news type websites like,,, and (not for tech stuff, just like to keep up on my nerd every once in a while).

Of course there are many more but you can see why I say my reading list for the day gets quite busy when devoting myself to three different Operating Systems.

But it keeps my day interesting, my eyes bathed in the white glow of the computer screen, and my brain active instead of idle watching another stupid reality show that my fiancée (two e’s means girl just in case any one was wondering, thank you Snapple) has found and now I get to watch to appease her (advice from our wonderful Andy).

This post got long, off track, and wonderfully all over the place.

IF YOU FORGOT, THERE IS A DISCUSSION QUESTION IN THIS POST. Sorry cap-lock got stuck and now I don’t want to change it because it looks funny.

Discussion Question!

Apple, Windows, or Google? Or weird hybrid combination of the three?

I hope this didn’t get too weird for anyone. It got weird for me at one point, but I will forgive you guys for now. I am pretty good at the  forgiveness thing, you will figure that out about me.

Drew knows this. He stole a girl from me at the bar (I had a legitimate shot I promise) but I forgave him after he bought me my new Kindle (without Ads because how lame is that). If you don’t have one of these, get one. More on that later though.

Discuss or I will find you.

Have a crazy day!

Addictive Andrew