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I just can’t resist posting an article about

PROMPT – if you could produce enough food to make it almost free, what would your character switch their disposable income on?

Have a great Weekend!


Hey Everyone! Lasers and PROMPT

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I have been absent from the blog these last few days. Life has been hitting on all cylinders, as I think the saying goes, which is a convenient excuse as everyone has lives but it makes me feel better saying it regardless.

I wanted to note that I will be going in to eye surgery today, PRK Laser eye surgery, and will be unable to look at any scientific journals or blog sites for about a week. This will be an even longer absence than the one I just apologized for, so I thought I would try to provide some entertainment in the form of links to keep people from becoming mob like on the comments section.

This may look a little more disorganized and filled with links than my other posts, but I don’t have enough time to make it look clean before I have to take a relaxing pill so I am not a eye-twitching mess when the doctor aims the laser at my eyeball.

The first group of links include videos, especially the KickStarter videos. And this list is in no way complete or just favorites of mine, more just a randomly collected.

Free ebook: Low-cost 3D printing for science, education and sustainable development

Type A Machines: 3D Printing That’s Affordable and Reliable

3D Scanners

3D Scanner (million points in a couple minutes for under$3000) –

Jay Leno’s Garage: NextEngine’s 3D Scanner and 3D Printing

Desktop 3D Scanner by CADScan — Kickstarter

Desktop Extruders

Desktop Plastic Extrusion System for Everyone by Edward Clifford — Kickstarter

Filastruder: A robust, inexpensive filament extruder. by Tim Elmore — Kickstarter

Filabot Links

Vacuum Formers

3D Printed Vacuum Former

KREATION Vacuum Former: Make plastic prototypes and toys by Aaron Silverberg

CNC Router Systems

Grow: A Portable CNC Router System
Grow Video – An expandable CNC Router Machine

The Othermill: Custom Circuits at Your Fingertips by Otherfab — Kickstarter

Selective Laser Sintering

DMLS – Direct Metal Laser Sintering

How it’s Made – 3D metal printing

3D Printers (No particular order, or sign of favorites, just a quick list of some)

The Perfectly Petite Printrbot Simple

FORM 1: An affordable, professional 3D printer by Formlabs — Kickstarter

B9Creator – A DIY High Resolution 3D Printer by Michael Joyce — Kickstarter

Gigabot 3D Printing: This is Huge! by re:3D — Kickstarter

LulzBot TAZ claims largest build area for desktop 3D printers

The Buccaneer™ Cloud 3D Printer – World’s Most Affordable Home 3D Printer

Precitech Introduces Next-Generation Multi-Axis Ultra Precision Machining System

Mataerial: the anti-gravity 3D printer

Micro 3-D Printer Creates Tiny Structures in Seconds – MIT Tech Review Article

OpenBeam Kossel Pro – A new type of 3D Printer by Terence Tam — Kickstarter

Fab@Home –

D-Shape’s Big Building Plans

MudHouse –

6-meter tall KamerMaker to 3D print Amsterdam house by year’s end

Laser Cutter

Affordable 20″x12″ LASER Cutter / Engraver by Full Spectrum Laser — Kickstarter


New Microfluidic Droplet-On-Demand System From Dolomite

Sugar Laser Sintering –

What is 3D Chocolate Printing (Videos)

Industrial Users of Additive Technologies

Voxeljet Technology –
Dimension Printing –
ExOne –
Additive Companies Run Production Parts (EOS DMLS) –

Useful Information

7 TED Talks on the wonder of 3D printing

A Matter of Scales: How Much Can You Print with a Single 1kg Spool?

Answering Common 3D Printing Questions

Price Comparison 3D printers –

Interesting Developments

3D Robotics for open source drones

Drone Startup Airware Lands $10.7 Million Series A Led By Andreessen Horowitz

3D Printing and the Future of Stuff

The Paper is the Circuit: Scientists create graphite-based paper circuitry

White House looks to 3D printing with $200 million plan for military, energy manufacturing

Emerging Objects – Can use Paper, Salt, Cement Polymer, Nylon, Wood Pulp, and Acrylic in their 3D Printing Processes.

Designing The Future :: 3D4D – Relieving Poverty, Encouraging Innovation

Links for Solar-powered Sand Sintering
Video Link –
Video Link –


I thought to make things slightly more entertaining, the links provided won’t all contain just the source material, but sites that cover these developments so anyone curious enough to click through may find a new source for information about that particular subject.

Like I said, this page may not be pretty, but it sure has plenty of mind expanding videos and articles, enough to hopefully appease everyone long enough for my eyes to heal back to super-normal.

If any of the links don’t work, post in comments and I will fix the, later. If there is projects you want included or that may blow other people’s imagination away, also post in the comments and I will do my best to cover them later on.

Here is a PROMPT – Given enough to fund a garage of tinkerers and the toys they needed, what would your character (or you) focus that group of minds and their tools to work on?

Have a great week!


DOE’s Regional Clean Energy Business Winner – SiNode Systems and PROMPT

Good Monday All,

I apologize for the absence over the weekend but I had to graduate from College real quick. I thought to get back on track, I would do a Company Profile on one of the Department of Energy’s Regional Clean Energy Business winners SiNode Systems. Just check out all the giant checks they won at the 2013 Rice Business Plan Competition!



Here is the Caption to that picture – 

400 applicants. 42 selected competitors. 15 semi-finalists. 1 winner.

SiNode Systems took home the grand prize at the 2013 Rice Business Plan Competition, the world’s richest and largest business plan competition. In total, SiNode was awarded over $800,000 in prizes generously sponsored by the GOOSE Society of Texas, the OWL Investment Group, Mercury Fund, Greater Houston Partnership, U.S. Department of Energy, Trailblazer Capital, PKF of Texas, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP, BBVA Compass, Miller, Egan, Molter & Nelson LLP, and others.

The competition was an incredible experience for the SiNode team, and we would like to thank the organizers and sponsors of the event, especially the Rice Alliance and Northwestern alumnus Brad Burke.

And I am Back

Congratulations SiNode Systems for winning the Western Southwest Region in the DOE’s competition! I wish you luck on the upcoming National Competition on June 11th and 12th. Here are the links to get to the information I first stumbled across that sparked this post.

Regional Winners of University Clean Energy Business Competition

Portal to the DOE’s Clean Energy Business Contest 

Okay, so for those wondering why I am writing about SiNode Systems, here is the DOE’s little blurb they used to describe the company for the competition.

Northwestern University, SiNode Systems

SiNode’s lithium battery anode technology addresses the two aspects of battery improvement, energy capacity and power density. SiNode Systems’ Si-graphene composite anode provides up to a ten-fold increase in energy capacity compared to the conventional graphite anode, and can increase energy capacity of a complete battery assembly by 50 percent to 100 percent. The graphene scaffolding of the anode provides for more flexible support and a faster charging of the battery, up to ten-fold increase.


From the SiNode System’s Technology Page

The technology utilizes a composite material of silicon nano-particles and graphene in a layered structure. In effect, the flexible graphene scaffolds of our composite materials eliminate the rapid degradation of performance associated with silicon-based anode materials. In addition, in-plane nano-engineered porosity is introduced to the graphene layers, allowing rapid ionic diffusion through the structure.

Distinct Attributs 

◦ mechanically flexible

◦ electronically conductive

◦ abundant charge carrying capacity

◦ excellent high-rate lithium-ion storage capabilities


In comparison to other competing anode technologies, SiNode has a unique advantage as a highly scalable and low cost solution for large-scale production. Much of the synthesis procedure for porous graphene scaffold and the resulting composite relies on solution-based chemistry (modified Hummers’ method). Readily available industrial equipment such as drying oven and centrifuges can be used to maximize efficiency during scaled production. No specialized or custom-made machinery is necessary for any step of the production process.

Furthermore, the unique characteristics of our anode provide a number of manufacturing advantages and could eliminate the need for certain components required by current Li-ion batteries.



Now I don’t really have to say much about how great it will be to have extended battery life. To be honest, this isn’t even my favorite new battery technology, especially in the Graphene field, that is for later. But, SiNode Systems is one of the farthest along, while also being very scalable, which are both important for rapid market penetration.

Since this is a Company Profile piece and not a regular article where I meander my way through the almost infinite possibilities, I want to provide all the links to the site to give quick access to all the pages they have listed.

Home Page

News Page

Technology Page

Company Page

Contact Page

And of course no article on would be complete without a PROMPT.

PROMPT – Would having 100% more battery, that charges very quickly, make your character more or less aware of their battery bar on their electronics?

I will be trying to get more articles like this one and the ones before this one out into the InterWebz so anyone that is as curious as me can at least have a quick read about the innovations coming down the pipeline.

Have a Great Monday,


Solar-Powered 3D Printer and Sinter Style Prompt!

Happy Monday,

After doing the research on the Up-Cycled 3D Materials, I stumbled onto a couple of other very interesting methods that print with sustainable materials. I wanted to share one of those ideas to spark the Monday Blues away.

From the wandering genius, Markus Kayser, comes the SolarSinter Project.


Check out this Printer in Action HERE.

If that picture isn’t enough to wet your Creative Whistle, here is some bowls made from Moroccan-Flavored Sand.

Morocco Flavored Bowls

Between the SolarSinter and the SunCutter (Solar-Powered Cutting Tool) Markus has provided some spectacular building tools that can utilize both Sun and Sand. Of course my mind questioned what else a Solar-Powered SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) system that produces a solar beam of over 1600 °C (2912 °F) can do.

But first, I want to thank Markus for risking the dangers of the desert to prove this fantastic concept. You are a DIY Pioneer.

With that being said, many elements can be melted with this powerful thermal beam. Iron melts at about 1550 °C, Aluminum melts at 770 °C but those are just the pure powdered metals. Alloys melt at lower temperatures and a lot of the most interesting applications would most likely be in the alloy arena.

Useful Alloy Examples

Stainless 18-8 melts at about 1380 °C
Hard steel melts at about 1370 °C
Inconel steel melts at about 1350 °C

Monel melts at about 1320 °C

Easier said then done of course, but I think Markus Kayser’s amazing SolarSinter is just scratching the surface of its capabilities. I want to throw out a challenge to the Hackerspace Community to either contact Markus to see if he is willing to share the design in a true DIY fashion or go out and build your own thermal beam powered SLS.

Hint – Four Large Fresnel Lenses

I am going to end this entry here before I pollute any one’s Prompt Writing with my own ideas.

PROMPT – How would your character utilize the thermal beam power of the SolarSinter. For community good? For purposeful evil? For sibling shenanigans?

Have a Fantastic Monday,

Sir Drewster III

PS – I want to thank for the wonderful ARTICLE that started me down this particular Research Rabbit Hole.

Thoughts on Editors Little/Big Influencers and PROMPT

Hey Everyone,

Little thicker Post/Prompt today. This is an excerpt from a paper about the “Little Magazine.” This doesn’t even address the relevance of the “Little Magazine” for today’s audience or the failing reproduction rate the English Department all over the country has created, that is a Prompt or two away. Of course these are all my opinions, sprinkled with assigned readings from one of my classes.

Money is not the only corrupter of influence. Lord Acton’s words echo, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men [editors] are almost always bad men.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I read my assigned readings for this week. Robinson’s article “Academia and the Little Magazine” was one of my favorites, calling out the university “Little Magazine” and their copious publications for diluting the true literary “Little Magazines.” Robinson argues this onslaught corrupts the spirit of rebellion against the traditional and commercial magazines (27).

Parisi’s article “The Care and Funding of Pegasus,” broke down the financials of Poetry and Miss Monroe’s struggle with funding during her tenure (218). Parisi reinforced the dangers of Robinson’s argument, but Miss Monroe’s constant fund drives flavors whatever choices she ended up making.

What is the difference between favors granted to deep pocketed ladies versus university sponsorship? Replace the fancy ladies with funds collected from thousands of students and Robinson’s argument becomes slightly moot. Why slightly moot? The selection process of one or the few will always be flavored with bias and personal opinion that may slant a publication outside of their mission statement. With each set of editorial eyes, I will admit a lessening of slant, but Lord Acton’s words should serve as a warning and a corner-stone for any publication to avoid a premature death or mistrust of their readers.

END of Excerpt

Does anyone want a Prompt? Fantasy/SciFi Fund Raising.

PROMPT – Plain and simple, write a high-ranking character in an awkward door approach. Make the project the character is raising money for beyond goofy.

Note – Have fun, it is Monday night!

Hope this wasn’t too out of no where, sometimes aiming a school paper for an internet audience helps the paper’s message crystalize to something a professor might appreciate more.

Sir Drewster III

Superbowl of Sword Fights Prompt

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Thought I get another Prompt out for the weekend writing warriors.

Of course the SuperBowl is on today. If you have not experienced a Fantasy or SciFi adventure that didn’t have some sort of epic match up with weapons, Swords/Light Sticks with DubStep quality sound effects, then you have not earned the nerd badge of destiny (they are totally worth it by the way).

Writing action scenes is an art that can only be absorbed Highlander style. I hope this helps that preparation.

PROMPT time – Anticipation, Gambling, Food, and Swag are all important to the overall hype of the event. Try to capture that.

Note – Don’t worry about the actual showdown yet, just build the tension like no other.

Hope this helps get through all the homework and bad ads.

Sir Drewster III

Classical Monster Children Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to get a post out for the Friday night writing gangsters.

I am starting a research paper involving Frankenstein and Dren from Splice. Focusing on Dren being one of Frankenstein’s Great Grand Daughters (around 7th generation).

“Say what now?” said pretty much every person I told this to, but it is crazy how close the plot of these two stories are.

Here is an excerpt from my Paper Proposal:

Fear of losing control and the fear of the unknown irrationally dictates the decision-making process.

In modern times, advancements in genetics, robotics, medical and energy research, and many other areas has moved so fast that Splice translates into a warning of the not too distant future and what it may hold for humanity if we are not careful.

In Frankenstein, Shelley doesn’t condemn science itself, but rather the abuse and misuse of it by ignorant or irresponsible individuals.

PROMPT – Create a scion of a Classical Monster, like Frankenstein/Dren, and introduce them into the world of the not to distance future.

Hope this loosens the kink in the hose of your creativity. Happy Friday night.

Sir Drewster III

Publishing App for That, Prompt!

Good Morning!

A morning of snow, black ice driving, and frantic essay reading forced me to look elsewhere for a couple of moments. A break for my mind is usually found in mindless internet browsing, filled with tech news and funny pictures. But my absence from has bugged me for quite some time, to the point that my mindless internet browsing was viewed from my third person POV as a bigger waste of time than usual.

I guess what I am trying to say is I will try better to get these Prompts back on track, though Senior year of college came with such a workload change that I may have to try to get my homework done (reason why my essay reading was frantic instead of nap inducing).

One reason the guilt of not writing these Prompts, that may or may not inspire at least a new Word doc to be created, was so overwhelming today was Apple’s announcement of the revamped iTunes U, free iBooks Author OS X app (for people to create eBooks/eTextbooks!), and iBooks 2 e-textbook platform with support from 90% of publishers, offering interactive Textbooks for around $14.99 or less (compared to $80 dead tree textbooks)!

That long, confusing poor excuse for a paragraph has reignited my desire to get a Prompt book created so I can pay for my never-ending college classes descending upon my bank account without the help of the Government. This announcement also holds promise for people like my almost high school graduated brother who could be released from the $500 book bill each semester (it is too late for me). I will most likely expand on this information at a later time, though right now, I just want to get to the Prompt.

To end this unorganized and rambled preamble before the internet gets tired of reading, here is the first Prompt of 2012!

PROMPT – Write a conversation, two characters (Fantasy or SciFi setting), where information is needed from a book and that information is stored in a singular device instead of the stock Wizarding library of never-ending books/bookshelves. 

Note – Since the hunt of said information is no longer the lynch pin of the scene, force a new focus for the characters to discuss. What happens to our worlds (Fantasy/SciFi) when unlimited information becomes common day and the journey for this information no longer occupies the middle part of the story?

Hope this Sunday Prompt has something of value to jumble up the creative juices.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sir Drewster III

I am Back! Prompts!

Hey Everyone!

I am so sorry that I have been gone for so long. I hate that. I bet anyone that needed some Prompts hated that too (or at least in my head, I think there is people out there that hate that). Here is a Prompt.

PROMPT – Write a Character that is composing poetry trying to out do another poet (using the opposing poet’s last poem) to win the hand of the Dragon Princess! 

Here is my attempt at a poem about poetry.

Lightly Dusted Poetica


Waves smashing against

The minuscule hairs

Guarding your nose.

Cones netted, soaked,

In loud red ceramic.


Gusts of frost kissed air

Invading the decked halls,

Swirling the simple spice,

Igniting saliva glands,

Thrusting a base want for

Your Mother’s sweet snicker

Doodle embrace.



Notes whisks your thoughts

Back to skinned knees,

Played in jeans, and red

Cellophane guarding tannish

Bears who received

Spiced kisses.



Don’t let your mind’s

Expectations steer you from

Scenes of cookie-infused

Delight, carefully crafted in

To neat lines.


Let go of those pressed smile

Bears, the grass infused jeans

Too, Come back to your

Artificial dream tormented

By my Cinnamon.

Since I am about to restart this Prompt machine, any suggestions for future prompts would be amazing!
Have a Wonderful Thursday,
Sir Drewster III

A Little Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Good day! Absence makes the heart grow fonder or something like that. Quick Prompt today, something to give the readers a rest from that super rough draft.

A fun way to increase the scenery and/or the senses in writing is to write from the “Little” view. What do I mean?

PROMPT – Take a world that is fun to write in, then write a character that is only a few inches high. Take this character around, let them explore rooms, buildings, towns, even countries if the mood strikes them.

This exercise is fun because this mini character discovers things that maybe were overlooked or glossed over in world building.

Have a great Monday!

Sir Drewster III