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A New Type of Vessel for the Nuclear Industry

NOTE – Originally Written for some of my Nuclear Engineering friends on Thorium Energy Alliance.

A Little Hump Day Fun. Lighter Weight and Stronger Pressure Vessels/Systems using Composite Wraps for the Nuclear Industry. This one is a little long and many of the facts are Wiki-sourced.

I remember a few years back Americans got all huffy about not being able to forge reactor vessels anymore. We had the skills, but didn’t want the environmental thrills that came along with it (I know dumb rhyme).

But I say, why resurrect the old vessels at all? I know Molten Salt don’t need a main pressure vessel (the steam system will need a pressurized system so my idea still counts). But we haven’t got those approved yet and swaps of old reactor vessels could be worth it.

So what to do? A Reactor Vessel needs to withstand over 150 Bar, as well as handle over 600 F, along with corrosive elements in the water. Instead of using specialized 300 Series Steel Cladding and Liners, why not use some lighter alloys and composite wraps?

Average CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Tank is rated at 2900 psi (199.95 Bar), while in the USA, CNG Tanks are rated for 3600 psi (248.21 Bar). What are these tanks made of you say? Usually Aluminum or Plastic/Rubber liners with a Carbon Fiber Composite Wrap (Hoop and Helical wrapping).

Modern Reactor Vessels can weigh in the 500 ton range and beyond. Those would be some large factories.


(Dresden-2 reactor SOURCE)

The Stainless Steel cladding that helps prevent corrosion are usually around 1/4 inch. There is also Neutron reflectors made of Graphite, Beryllium, Tungsten Carbide, or other materials around the core to help wrangle in those wild neutrons while also protecting the reactor vessel from “belt” embrittlement.

The first CNG Tanks were in the mid thousand pound range. As the metal was replaced with lighter ones, or even plastic/rubber liners, along with the carbon fiber wraps a tank that used to weigh 1200 pounds could now weigh just over 100 with the same ratings.


So my plan, pick the correct materials for the temperature flux, corrosion, and neutron reflecting materials for the tank liner, then wrap that baby up in some appropriately rated Carbon Fiber/Other Fibers which should reduce the weight of those suckers to the 21st century.


As you can see, geometries are not really limited.

Again, I know the MSR reactors won’t need giant pressurized reactor vessels, but applying the same concepts to the pressurized piping in the steam loops could help cheapen or at least strengthen the system.

Now the fun part! Discuss, Refine, and get the Creative Juices going. Good, Bad, or even ugly let it be known in the comments.

PROMPT – I haven’t done one of these in a while, so write a letter to your local congress person (from a fictional person POV) about a technology that could benefit from Carbon Fiber Wrapping.

Solar-Powered 3D Printer and Sinter Style Prompt!

Happy Monday,

After doing the research on the Up-Cycled 3D Materials, I stumbled onto a couple of other very interesting methods that print with sustainable materials. I wanted to share one of those ideas to spark the Monday Blues away.

From the wandering genius, Markus Kayser, comes the SolarSinter Project.


Check out this Printer in Action HERE.

If that picture isn’t enough to wet your Creative Whistle, here is some bowls made from Moroccan-Flavored Sand.

Morocco Flavored Bowls

Between the SolarSinter and the SunCutter (Solar-Powered Cutting Tool) Markus has provided some spectacular building tools that can utilize both Sun and Sand. Of course my mind questioned what else a Solar-Powered SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) system that produces a solar beam of over 1600 °C (2912 °F) can do.

But first, I want to thank Markus for risking the dangers of the desert to prove this fantastic concept. You are a DIY Pioneer.

With that being said, many elements can be melted with this powerful thermal beam. Iron melts at about 1550 °C, Aluminum melts at 770 °C but those are just the pure powdered metals. Alloys melt at lower temperatures and a lot of the most interesting applications would most likely be in the alloy arena.

Useful Alloy Examples

Stainless 18-8 melts at about 1380 °C
Hard steel melts at about 1370 °C
Inconel steel melts at about 1350 °C

Monel melts at about 1320 °C

Easier said then done of course, but I think Markus Kayser’s amazing SolarSinter is just scratching the surface of its capabilities. I want to throw out a challenge to the Hackerspace Community to either contact Markus to see if he is willing to share the design in a true DIY fashion or go out and build your own thermal beam powered SLS.

Hint – Four Large Fresnel Lenses

I am going to end this entry here before I pollute any one’s Prompt Writing with my own ideas.

PROMPT – How would your character utilize the thermal beam power of the SolarSinter. For community good? For purposeful evil? For sibling shenanigans?

Have a Fantastic Monday,

Sir Drewster III

PS – I want to thank for the wonderful ARTICLE that started me down this particular Research Rabbit Hole.

Up-Cycled 3D Printing Materials and PROMPT

Good Morning and Happy Weekend!

I can’t believe it is already May 4th! I wanted to share an amazing development in 3D Printing Materials I ran across last night.

Emerging Objects – can use Paper, Salt, Cement Polymer, Nylon, Wood Pulp, and Acrylic in their 3D Printing Processes.

FROM SITE – That “other direction” is organic and renewable: salt harvested from San Francisco Bay, wood pulp, and clay. Using a standard powder-based 3D printer, they and their students have figured out how to print bricks, components, and furniture using recyclable materials. What does 3D-printed wood look like? Weirdly realistic: it has a faux grain, simply because of the layered printing process. The salt, meanwhile, looks like “solid milk,” to borrow Rael’s words. Shockingly, it’s all super strong, thanks to reinforcement techniques developed in-house—their printed cement is actually stronger than standard stuff. But most importantly? It’s 90% less expensive than current 3D printing technology.

When I read this article I almost pooped myself. I have been trying to figure out a good alternative to dumping the “Brine” solution, a byproduct from Desalination plants, back into the ocean since this process tends to sterilize the surrounding area due to the incredible amounts of salt now in the water.

Since Perforene and other Thin Membrane filters are about to revolutionize the Desalination Plant (making them a very exciting business to start) makes having the ability to 3D Print one of the main byproducts, basically Salt, is incredible.

GeoTUBE Tower – This is one of the Emerging Objects Salt Building partnerships.


Their idea looks very cool, but simplifying the design process down to basic building blocks that are strong and weather proof, which a Desalination Plant can form on site, would allow the locals to carry away cheap building materials. This would be a massively beneficial way to up-cycle that extra salt while preserving the aquatic life around the plant.

Since most of the 3D Printing methods allow for layering, the different combinations of cheap byproducts allows for an immense range of properties that can be added to the end building material. Salt is not the only thing that is left behind after making clean water. The other materials could also be concentrated and used in this process.

WRITING PROMPT – What would you build with Salt bricks? Have the process of building that structure be the central focus of a quick glimpse inside your character.

Example Question – Does your character build their own structure or would they order it to be assembled?

Have a Wonderful Weekend,

Sir Drewster III

SciFi Inspirational Websites and PROMPT!

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to put together a nice guide to MY future looking sources of creative inspiration. These websites aren’t secret but some of them are a little more on the down low. I will start with the more popular, well-known websites and break down to the more rare ones aimed at the underground scientific community, and throwing a few companies to follow at the end.

The first grouping of sites offer a wide range of announcements, reports, discoveries, and just interesting reads., and  – This grouping of sites offers a wide range of announcements, reports, discoveries, and just interesting reads into the technology and gadgets arenas. (MIT),,, and – This group focuses a little more on the scientific. – This is a sister site of Gizmodo, but it is worth running into the strange articles and announcements found there. and – Great sites for cutting edge VIDEO presentations. We Solve for X is a newer site sponsored by Google – the videos are focused on new discoveries in technology and how to apply them to big world problems. TED is a huge resource of all kinds of interesting stuff. and – These are the more down low websites for interesting reading to expand and inspire.

I have to apologize, this post is also an informational probe into the viewers of these Prompts. If any other website or company provides some awesome articles, POST THE LINKS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION to share with everyone else.

These are companies that have products or innovations that can set the creative energies boiling! and – Of course Elon Musk has to be listed in this section. Check out the forums for some fun reading. – Spray on antenna. This technology is one of Google’s We Solve for X featured technology talks. In his talk, Anthony Sutera seems to be asking anyone in the audience to collaborate with him to make new stuff. and EssentientDavid Berry is an amazing man, in charge of at least six companies. These two companies will transform our world. Both companies have physical plants and will blow your mind. – Inflatable modules for space! This site doesn’t update too often but the Forums are usually a great area for discussion. – This is not a company but a crazy source of information on nuclear energy. Thorium Remix 2011 (2012 seeking funding) is a good primer for information about Thorium, but their forum and Facebook page updates with new information all the time. Flibe Energy is one company working on solving the short-sighted vision of previous presidents.

I am trying to think of other sites or companies that need to be on this list, but I am getting hungry. Just for kicks, here is a Prompt!

PROMPT – Remember Luddites? Write a Luddite prophet in a future heavy civilization, who uses technology to spread their message.

Hope this is a great resource for those days that the internets have turned into a slug of a time.

Have a great day,

Sir Drewster III

A Little Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Good day! Absence makes the heart grow fonder or something like that. Quick Prompt today, something to give the readers a rest from that super rough draft.

A fun way to increase the scenery and/or the senses in writing is to write from the “Little” view. What do I mean?

PROMPT – Take a world that is fun to write in, then write a character that is only a few inches high. Take this character around, let them explore rooms, buildings, towns, even countries if the mood strikes them.

This exercise is fun because this mini character discovers things that maybe were overlooked or glossed over in world building.

Have a great Monday!

Sir Drewster III

Bringing Prompt Back! What!

Hey Everyone!

My apologies to anyone that does not like the long gaps between Prompts. Taking 5 English classes may have been a bit ambitious, even for me. Not saying I am a slayer of things that go write in the night, but I tend to do okay. Enough about school, I do want to comment on the FAILED experiment that was the Workshop Prompt.

No Biggie, I am an adult most of the time and I know that people like to be Prompted to create, not to edit. I have now learned this lesson and will never again attempt edits! I may post up some other stories though, as some of them may need at least some comments to fuel revision (swear that this is not editing reworded, just a feedback request).

NOW for Prompt!

PROMPT – Pick a Fantasy/SciFi character, then have that character fight with their inner voice.

Can be a new character, a used character, a character out of your favorite book you just wrote a whole bunch of embarrassing FanFic about, or just a flat character that needs a little rounding. Make it fun, make it fast, make it cutting, and be sure to be true to that character. Since this is in the Fantasy/SciFi realm, it better be fantastical. These realms are already fantastical, so the inner mind of one of these characters better be out right craziness!

HINT – A good trick to warm up for this Prompt would be to start an argument with your self. This way, you can get a feel for how mean or nice you want to make that inner voice be. Also, remember that this is Dialogue practice disguised in a fun wrapper of arguments. I know I ruined the surprise since I told you, but it is really a good exercise to develop those skills.

Important, HAVE FUN! I don’t know if I can ever say that enough. Writing is good, Writing is great, better write or you will get cake!

Sir Drewster III

Villainous Ex-Boss Prompt

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to get one more writing Prompt in today. This one is a little less heavy and should be just a pinch of fun.

PROMPT – Take a Villainous Ex-Boss or Current Boss and turn their personality quirks and villainous natures into a true villain with a Fantasy/SciFi twist.

Hope this is a good night-cap,

Sir Drewster III

Busting Out the Prologue Prompt!

Hey Everyone!

It is Tuesday! That means it is time for a Prompt. I guess everyday should be time for a Prompt, but today is begging for a Prompt.

Since it is still early, I wanted to make sure today’s Prompt had enough steam to keep the writing going all day. So today’s journey will be going into the scary and dark places of a thing called the Prologue. Writing the beginning of your story can be hard, writing the pre-beginning of your story is almost mind-numbing. The stuff of writers block. Unless you are like Patrick Rothfuss and have a magical mind that can crank out delicious Prologues.

A snippet from the Prologue of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

It was night again. The Waystone Inn lay in silence, and it was a silence of three parts.

The most obvious part was a hollow, echoing quiet, made by things that were lacking. Inside the Waystone a pair of men huddled at one corner of the bar. They drank with quiet determination, avoiding serious discussion of troubling news. In doing this they added a small, sullen silence to the larger, hollow one. It made an alloy of sorts, a counterpoint.

The third silence was not an easy thing to notice. If you listened for an hour, you might begin to feel it in the wooden floor underfoot and in the rough, splintering barrels behind the bar.


This isn’t the whole Prologue but just a sampler, a tease, a taste of one of my favorite books. Why have I posted this? I wanted to get the Prologue juices flowing.

PROMPT – Write a Prologue. This Prologue doesn’t have to be for a book, doesn’t have to be for anything. Just give a quick view into a world that you want to write. 

Hope this gets the cobwebs out of the writing shed.

Have a fun Tuesday,

Sir Drewster III

Foolish Pair Prompt

Hey Everyone,

Today is another random post, because I want to build up the tension for the Loyalty Part 3 Prompt.

The title to today’s Prompt refers to how in every Hero story, I feel that a fool needs to be there to balance the story out. I usually love the Fool. This weird emotional connection to the Fool is not because I enjoy reading characters that have to struggle through their Fantasy world as the Hero glides through perfectly, but because I am usually more associated with the Fool than the Hero.

PROMPT – Write your Fool. Think of embarrassing moments that have happened to you, flip a Fantasy cover on it, and then apply it to your Fool.

Hope this is a good writing distraction from your Monday.

Sir Drewster III

Random Prompt Because I want to!

Hey Everyone,

Sorry this is not Part Three of the Loyalty Prompts, I just had to do something a little different tonight. It was one of those days where Skittles and my Kindle were calling out to me. Today was one of those days that it just felt right to relax. So, today’s Prompt may have something to do with this.

What am I talking, today’s Prompt is exactly that. PROMPT – Write a lazy day in the Fantasy/SciFi world because even heroes need days off.

I think bonus points will be given to anyone who writes in some sort of Fantasy/SciFi candy. Because my Red bag of Skittles hit the spot that my Kindle opened up. Be inventive, I love food writing.

Have a great, relaxing Sunday night,

Sir Drewster III