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Building that Loyalty Part 1 Prompt

Hey Everyone,

Just got done with the first day of work after a seven-day vacation. What am I feeling? Slight back soreness from the computer chair and a new appreciation for wireless internet.

As you may have guessed from the title of today’s Prompt, the theme will center around loyalty and may be the first of many Prompts to deal with it.

I have noticed in my own reading that this seems to be a corner-stone of drawing the reader in and making them connect with the characters. Building loyalty is also one of best ways to set up some emotional smack! Think of all of the relationships that end in betrayal, death, or my personal favorite dragon transformation!

So to get on with it, PROMPT for Loyalty Part 1 – Introduce two characters and build their relationship into something that the reader would declare, I think these characters would die for each other.

Don’t go past the moment of establishing that trust because I will have more direction tomorrow!

Hint – If this seems like a daunting Prompt, make it easy and just use some stock characters like the student/teacher or the Lovers relationship. That way you can get this started quickly and be prepared for tomorrow’s Prompt.

Have a great Thursday!

Sir Drewster III

Write the Squeaky, I Dare You

Hello Everyone,

It is a quick Writing Prompt today. I think I actually have plans to do something (even though that something is read @BrandSanderson The Way of Kings on my Kindle).

So PROMPT – Write a character with a convincing squeaky voice. Possibly based in the Fantasy World, but not a requirement.

Not hard, or so it seems. This voice can be considered one of those dialogue practices everyone so enjoys. You will be surprised at how hard it is to write good dialogue that also has at least one of the character’s voice crack and squeak because the Puberty Fairy has not bestowed upon them their adulthood. Try working the Puberty Fairy into the story somewhere for a bonus ten points!

Have a great Monday,

Sir Drewster III

Friday Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Since it is Friday, I am willing to bet a lot of writers won’t be needing a Prompt. Too bad, I am doing one anyway.

PROMPT – Main character is a small child in need of a baby sitter, but only just. Make that baby sitter a classic Fantasy or SciFi character, but the parents don’t know. Have that Fantasy/SciFi character be a teacher to the main character, but don’t focus on that part. The part to focus the writing on is when the parents come home finding the child doing something out of the ordinary.

Have a fun weekend.

Sir Drewster III


Bathroom Scenes in Fantasy

Hey Everyone,

The Prompt today is diving into the personal. We are going to attempt the dreaded bathroom habits of our favorite Fantasy characters.

PROMPT – Write a Fantasy-type character while they are in their most vulnerable (in the bathroom).

Of course for my SciFi fans, if I even have fans of course, you can throw in a SciFi character in this Prompt.

I thought this may be fun because you don’t see a lot of books get into this kind of situation a lot. A second thought to this Prompt, post up a bathroom scene that comes to mind.

It is really weird to think about, but I have read whole books where no one even mentioned a bathroom. What happens to all that Ale at the end of the night?

I know a lot of authors edit these scenes out because it may be tedious for readers and slow down the story.

Let us show the authors of our day that our characters can be shown in the throne room as long as something important still happens. To take out something that humans do everyday, seems to be a missed opportunity to connect the readers to the characters.

I hope this comes across as a fun and interesting look at writing and not just a chance to work in a lot of bathroom humor.

Have a great Monday,

Sir Drewster III

Wizard Divorce. What will happen?


Quick Prompt! Something that always bugged me while reading classics in the fantasy realm, the Wizards always have a lost love, a dead love, a love not in the picture, or just never found a love.

This isn’t really a big deal because I know why a lot of writers do it. Simply, it is because relationships are distracting and Wizards need to focus all their mental energies on helping the hero on their journey.

Picture Gandalf having to deal with a neglected wife while also helping Frodo with destroying the Ring of Power.

If you can imagine that, you get my point. Today’s prompt involves this lack of relationships in Fantasy stories.

PROMPT – Set up a Wizard character, have the character meet a Hero on their journey, then have the wife come home. Focus on that point of the story.

That relationship dynamic is where the drama is. Still have the Hero in the room, but switch the focus of the scene to the Wizard and their spouse. To really kick it up a notch, maybe have the spouse be a Sorceress or at least have some power in her own right to make the balance of power in the relationship on equal ground.

As I write this, I do have to remember a classic Wizard/Healer and Sorceress relationship in Robin Hood, Men in Tights. The bickering conversation of those two while they prepare the healing pellet is a perfect example of why most writers avoid spouses in their books.

I hope this makes sense.

Sir Drewster III

Fantasy Drug Prompt

Hey Internet People!

It is Wednesday and time for some freaky to spice up the middle of the week.

I always found magical drugs a fun way to trip your reader out and make a serious wizard or powerful Overlord become personal. Wizards need something to relax too (they can’t always be studious).

Anyway, for this prompt, we will get into the psychedelic mood and try to trip out some characters.

PROMPT – Create a Magical drug for a character based in a Fantasy or SciFi world.

Does this drug have to be crazy? Not really. Most of the common drugs in the real world are things that most people have everyday (caffeine anyone?).

But to make this fun, I would suggest a certain weirdness to be laced into this drug.

Maybe go Willy Wonka style and have the user float away on the wind after eating some bark. Maybe try out a toad that gives a person some intense mental abilities. Maybe just a piece of fruit takes the user on a journey into the underworld.

Whatever you decide, you need to figure out if the character is having a GOOD or BAD trip. This is important to establish so the reader knows if the character is just relaxing after a grueling battle with some orcs or if they are a junky and this drug has ruined their career as a cloning agent for the planet Gliton.

I think this is enough information to get those juices of creativity flowing after a long weekend and an unnecessary busy Tuesday.

Have a great Hump Day!

Sir Drewster III

Dream Fantasy-styled Job Prompt

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to go about this writing prompt a little different today. A little positive thinking exercise with a twist of fantasy mixed in.

PROMPT – Think of your fantasy-styled dream job, put your character in the interview for that job, and decide how it goes.

I have done this before to calm the nerves before an important interview. I thought it would be fun to try this exercise with a fictional spin on it.

Example – Clone Engineer for the Republic (Star Wars), Student at the University (Name of the Wind Universe), or even just a janitor at Hogwarts.

Not totally original, almost a Fan Fiction exercise, but should still be fun.

Have a great Hump Day!

Sir Drewster III

The Involved Food Prompt

Hey Everyone,

Just got off work and I am hungry. So today’s post has a food theme.

Writing Prompt – Have a weird scene going around your character, but have the character focus on a food item.

This may seem a little weird, but if you really think about all the fantasy epics always have scenes about food. I don’t know how they do it, but I am always hungry afterward.

I don’t want you to just make the character ignore their surroundings, I want that food item to become their world, while keeping the real world still within sight (reading sight that is).

Hope this is worth some of your Saturday,

Sir Drewster III

Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely

Hey Everyone!

Today is Quote Prompt day!

What lead me to today’s Quote Prompt?

Sleeping, crazy vivid dream, something involving a woman betraying me, but to her surprise when she opens the file she betrayed me for, all it says is “Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely.”

Then my dream faded to black and I heard my alarm for 4:25 am to get up for work.

To remember a dream that vividly, even after an eight-hour shift at work, makes me wonder if this dream meant something more or was just something crazy my mind made up for kicks.

Regardless, I knew I had heard that quote before so I did some searching and found out my mind had got the quote wrong. I don’t blame my dream-mind for messing the quote up, it got the main message right.

The real quote goes like this,

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

– John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902).

Like I said, I don’t blame my brain for getting it wrong, because it is a pretty long quote and I think the dream scene had more impact because it was just, “Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely.”

Short, sweet, and simple. Like great writing is supposed to be.

For todays prompt, I want the quote (either version) to be the end of the scene. Set it up however you want, but make it the punchline or at least have it be a big player in the scene.

Again today’s PROMPT – Set up how you like, end with quote.

Should be a fun little romp into the fantastical parts of your mind. I know it was for me, and I didn’t even write the scene, just experienced it.

Have a great Thursday!

Sir Drewster III


The Hangover Like Wake Up!

Hey Everyone!

The writing prompt today deals with that disorienting feeling you get when you wake up to the unfamiliar.

Think of The Hangover or The Hangover Part II.

Even though these movies had drug induced comas, it doesn’t have to be that crazy, or it could be even crazier.

PROMPT – Character wakes up, in unfamiliar space, then feel in the BLANKS.

Since this is a fictional/fantasy writing prompt, things can get a little crazier than those movies. Think drunk wizards and crazy unicorns.

Have fun!

Sir Drewster III