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Shaker Bottle Leaking? I Can Help With That!

Hey Everyone,

Thought I would do a quick post today since I have not done anything for a while!

Today is the first Quick Fitness Tip!

I learned this one from Mike at AllMax Nutrition.

By the way, if any of you want an amazing tasting Protein Isolate with chocolate chips in it, IsoFlex is freaking awesome tasting and has a great profile. Check why the reviews on this protein earned a 9 out 10 on right HERE!


To avoid leaking, screw the lid of your shaker back on with the drink hole open!

This allows any air around that gets trapped in the threading to escape. Generally this is the cause of leaks with any shaker that is not old and busted. If your shaker is old and busted, buy a new one, they are only a couple of dollars and they come in handy quite often.

Hope this helps in your quest to avoid spilling protein and pre workouts on your shorts and/or carpet!

Have fun,





NEXT Prompt, BFE too!


Quick Friday Prompt,

This one makes you work backwards.

Set the scene for one character to make another character yell, “What did you do?”

When I say yell, I mean the situation has to make that character YELL that line.

Have a great weekend everyone,

The writers are going to the Fitness Expo or BFE as everyone around the office calls it. The show is put on by and we have VIP passes to the after parties. Fitness models anyone?

Sir Drewster III

Yep I named these Shoes

Hey Everyone,

As I sat at my desk today, replying to questions about protein and pre workouts, an odd smell seemed to be creeping up my leg. After studying the situation, my nose was directed to my shoes.

I realized today  my Nike Free Run+ were over a year old and it made me sad. Surprisingly they aren’t showing their wear at all, but the aroma that now accompanies my Little Stompers (a nickname that was given to them when a friend realized I wore a size 14) is starting to overwhelm my nose.

It makes sense though. Over a year of hard workouts and other heavy athletic activities will do that to any shoe.

But it still makes me sad. The Nike Free Run+ are the best shoe I have ever owned. They are comfortable, light, durable (obviously), and the mesh tops make the shoe extremely ventilated. All this adds for an amazing workout shoe.

I think I have a couple of weeks left in my Little Stompers, but it has been so long since I purchased my originals that Nike has come out with the Free+ 2.0 and the Free+ 3.o.

The problem:

Which model do I get?

If anyone out there has worn either of the these, please post up your recommendation in the comments.

Thanks for any help,



Behind the Curtain

Good Sunday!

After a hard days work at, I decided to come home to relax.

Employees at are privileged to a lot of things. Sure we get free samples, swag, and we get to work with some of the most beautiful models in the fitness industry, but that is not all we do while at

We are there for one purpose. That is to help  anyone, regardless of experience, in their fitness needs.

This Planet Fitness commercial is a little old, but it is a perfect example of what people think of when they first think of

Take a look!

But this is so off it is not even funny, well it is still pretty funny. The main actor in this commercial is in a group of maybe a couple thousand others like him. This group of men and women in the fitness industry work about six months to get that cut and muscular. Then they get ready for the camera by shaving, tanning, and getting oiled up to do photo shoots, calendars, commercials, and usually topping off the season with a Body Building or Fitness show like The Olympia or The Arnold.

I am not saying this is wrong. The Body Builders and Fitness Models look great while they are in this flash bulb season, but they have a secret.

When the last camera flash fades away, these people live normal lives. Sure they maybe have more muscles or have abs you can wash on, but it is their job to look that good. It takes a lit of work, sometimes hours a day in the gym to get to the level of huge-ness some of these guys are at. The average fitness enthusiast may make it to the gym 2-3 times per week, if they are lucky.

They don’t have access to the most cutting edge chemical compounds or top shelf trainers. They have their local gyms and maybe a few guys at the gym who may or may not know what they are talking about.

Again, this is not bad. This could be considered as the average.

I just wanted to point out that when you discover Greg’s advice is not getting a little confusing or you can’t figure out the difference between Protein Isolate and Casein, there are people out there waiting for your questions at

It is their job to answer those pesky and confusing questions or at least try their hardest to. Sometimes even Doctors don’t know what that fungus in-between your toes is.

The team has assembled to assist in everyone’s fitness needs are not a bunch of guys and gals roaming around an office looking for stuff to pick up and then put down again.

Sure there is a handful of representatives that have competed in a show or two. They can tell you how hard the diets are, where to get the shiny underoos you have to wear on stage, and what gets rid of spray tan the quickest.

But they also have the normal level of fitness minded people who make it to the gym two to three times a week that also have access to one of the largest archive of fitness articles on the web. These customer service ninjas also try to keep up with all the new supplements that come out to distinguish which ones are good and which ones are snake oil concentrate.

I wanted to get this information out there because I truly believe in and their mission of helping everyone, regardless if they have Pro Card status or are just working out for the first time. You have a question, they will do their best to answer.

I promise I did not get paid anything extra to write this. These are my opinions and are not designed to be a sales ad. The customer service agents do NOT EARN A COMMISSION ON SALES, so don’t be afraid to call, email, or chat in whenever you have a fitness related question.

That’s all for me today,


PS – WordPress made all the‘s blue, not me. I apologize if it is distracting but it is the company name as well as the web address.

Reaction Post Challenge


Just saw what Andrew did for his post today (Comment Challenge) and wanted to one up him.

So I am starting a section called Reaction Posts.

Reaction Posts will work like a Comment Challenge but I ask a question/comment (never boring cough, cough, Andrew’s post) and then post up the best reactions to the question.

I thought Andrew was getting off too easy for not writing a post for a couple of days, so I thought I would start a little comments war where we battle for most comments.

Reaction Post question number one is targeted more at the ladies today, but still guys can answer too.

What are your thoughts on Guys trimming or shaving their leg/arm/back hair? Or in other words, Man-scaping.

We are trying to beat out Andrew for being lazy on a Saturday. So the more comments we have the more I can rub it in tomorrow.

Thanks for playing,


Advice from Pipes

Hey everyone,

Thanks for reading. I wanted to get my first post out because it seems everyone else and their dogs have already.

I work at and I respond to a large portion of the customer service emails during the times of 5 am to 1 pm. Though the shift is early, I couldn’t ask for a better job.

It is important to note that I am not a Doctor, Professional Trainer, or Dietician. I am a Customer Service agent that has answered emails for over two years now.

My first tip, Discover Your Protein.  Email after email, this seems to be one of the most popular questions.

In my opinion if you are not drinking a protein shake within 45 minutes of your workout, you are basically throwing all the hard work you just put in, away.

It is hard to say exactly what protein will fit your goals, but I have found that as long as you get in at least 25 to 30 grams of protein after the workout, you will provide your muscles in your body the necessary amino acids to repair and rebuild themselves.

What I have found in my own workouts is by drinking a protein shake after my workout it cuts recovery time down, cuts soreness down, and gives the muscles the opportunity to grow instead of waste away.

Check out the Protein Finder at to see what proteins are out there and what ones will fit your fitness goals. is open 24 hours a day and the agents that help do not get commission on any sales that they put through the site. They are there for your questions and are happy to help.

Post any questions in the comments and I will try to get to them. If you want to ask directly, ask at