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DOE’s Regional Clean Energy Business Winner – SiNode Systems and PROMPT

Good Monday All,

I apologize for the absence over the weekend but I had to graduate from College real quick. I thought to get back on track, I would do a Company Profile on one of the Department of Energy’s Regional Clean Energy Business winners SiNode Systems. Just check out all the giant checks they won at the 2013 Rice Business Plan Competition!



Here is the Caption to that picture – 

400 applicants. 42 selected competitors. 15 semi-finalists. 1 winner.

SiNode Systems took home the grand prize at the 2013 Rice Business Plan Competition, the world’s richest and largest business plan competition. In total, SiNode was awarded over $800,000 in prizes generously sponsored by the GOOSE Society of Texas, the OWL Investment Group, Mercury Fund, Greater Houston Partnership, U.S. Department of Energy, Trailblazer Capital, PKF of Texas, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP, BBVA Compass, Miller, Egan, Molter & Nelson LLP, and others.

The competition was an incredible experience for the SiNode team, and we would like to thank the organizers and sponsors of the event, especially the Rice Alliance and Northwestern alumnus Brad Burke.

And I am Back

Congratulations SiNode Systems for winning the Western Southwest Region in the DOE’s competition! I wish you luck on the upcoming National Competition on June 11th and 12th. Here are the links to get to the information I first stumbled across that sparked this post.

Regional Winners of University Clean Energy Business Competition

Portal to the DOE’s Clean Energy Business Contest 

Okay, so for those wondering why I am writing about SiNode Systems, here is the DOE’s little blurb they used to describe the company for the competition.

Northwestern University, SiNode Systems

SiNode’s lithium battery anode technology addresses the two aspects of battery improvement, energy capacity and power density. SiNode Systems’ Si-graphene composite anode provides up to a ten-fold increase in energy capacity compared to the conventional graphite anode, and can increase energy capacity of a complete battery assembly by 50 percent to 100 percent. The graphene scaffolding of the anode provides for more flexible support and a faster charging of the battery, up to ten-fold increase.


From the SiNode System’s Technology Page

The technology utilizes a composite material of silicon nano-particles and graphene in a layered structure. In effect, the flexible graphene scaffolds of our composite materials eliminate the rapid degradation of performance associated with silicon-based anode materials. In addition, in-plane nano-engineered porosity is introduced to the graphene layers, allowing rapid ionic diffusion through the structure.

Distinct Attributs 

◦ mechanically flexible

◦ electronically conductive

◦ abundant charge carrying capacity

◦ excellent high-rate lithium-ion storage capabilities


In comparison to other competing anode technologies, SiNode has a unique advantage as a highly scalable and low cost solution for large-scale production. Much of the synthesis procedure for porous graphene scaffold and the resulting composite relies on solution-based chemistry (modified Hummers’ method). Readily available industrial equipment such as drying oven and centrifuges can be used to maximize efficiency during scaled production. No specialized or custom-made machinery is necessary for any step of the production process.

Furthermore, the unique characteristics of our anode provide a number of manufacturing advantages and could eliminate the need for certain components required by current Li-ion batteries.



Now I don’t really have to say much about how great it will be to have extended battery life. To be honest, this isn’t even my favorite new battery technology, especially in the Graphene field, that is for later. But, SiNode Systems is one of the farthest along, while also being very scalable, which are both important for rapid market penetration.

Since this is a Company Profile piece and not a regular article where I meander my way through the almost infinite possibilities, I want to provide all the links to the site to give quick access to all the pages they have listed.

Home Page

News Page

Technology Page

Company Page

Contact Page

And of course no article on would be complete without a PROMPT.

PROMPT – Would having 100% more battery, that charges very quickly, make your character more or less aware of their battery bar on their electronics?

I will be trying to get more articles like this one and the ones before this one out into the InterWebz so anyone that is as curious as me can at least have a quick read about the innovations coming down the pipeline.

Have a Great Monday,


Black Friday Tips and PROMPT!

Hey Everyone,

So this is a little off base for a Writing Prompt today, but I want to share some Black Friday planning knowledge I have gained over the years. I will also include a Prompt at the end of the post to make sure this is not a waste of time for those who could care less about Black Friday, but I have already shared this information with friends and family and the surprised reactions I keep getting made me want to share with anyone who reads the site.

To make this as short as I can, my biggest tip for a successful and ensured lowest priced Black Friday adventure is,

This site is an amazing site to find deals all year, but Black Friday is when they heat up.

HINT – to find the best deals on look to the right of the page for TRENDING DEALS, Click on that. Then sort the thread by clicking on THREAD STARTED. This will let you see all the newest stuff that is posted before it hits the front page which will increase the chance of getting the deal.

Also, has a whole Black Friday section found on the top of the page. Click that to see a breakdown of all the printed ads and where and when the best deals are.

Another site that is fun is (a Gawker blog branch). They have a “Black Friday Cheat Sheet” ( that they update all the time. This is organized by-product type (mainly gadgets) and location of deal so it can be a good place to pre game before you go battle the deal-seeking hoards out in the wild.

I know there are a lot of other sites out there, and a simple Google search will pull up the most common ones. These two sites are what I am working with, so I hope this information is helpful. If you want to put your favorite site and tips for Black Friday in the comments, I strongly encourage you to do so to help others out there.

Now time for the Prompt. This is a challenge Prompt.

PROMPT – Write a convincing Black Friday type of event based in the Fantasy/SciFi realms. The character can be as flat as a pancake, but make the things they are trying to buy as vivid as possible. Make the buying lust ooze from each paragraph.

HINT – Remember, as sad as this is, people have sustained major injuries in Black Friday events. The passion to find a deal can be as strong as a Hero wanting to defeat the evil warlord.

Hope this information was helpful and the Prompt slightly entertaining. Have a great Holiday weekend,

Sir Drewster III

Little bit of Sunday PROMPT!

Hey Everyone,

Good Sunday to you! Hope the weekend has been good to you. I wanted to get a Prompt out this morning just in case there is others out there not wanting to get to their real work that may be due tomorrow. This is a Sparker Prompt or a journey kicker, where your character happens upon something to get them going on their journey.

PROMPT – Have a character stumble upon a giant piece of statue from “ancient” times. This statue is the key to the character’s initial push out of their warm-blanket kind of life.

Have fun everyone! Hope the week is filled with good food and great family,

Sir Drewster III

Write Me Shy Prompt

Hey Everyone,

Had a little time between lunch at Taco Bell (the dirty diet of college students) and class so I wanted to get a prompt out to those who are in need.

Through the magic of Twitter, I have become aware of the earth tremble that hit the East Coast. Since it happened while in the middle of my 5-layer burrito, I am a little behind in relaying that to anyone who cares.

Today the prompt will focus on opposites.

PROMPT – Write a character that has just been through a disaster, that is on the edge of being a shut-in kind of shy (no offense to anybody who is that shy).

With this earthy shake as a possible back drop, force the character out of their comfort zone and into the strange and crazy world of a post disaster land. Try to really write up the hystrical people in your character’s background, could make for a more believable world.

If in the next couple days something horrible happens, please remember this was written before that and in an completely Writing Prompt kind of way.

Have a great Tuesday.

Sir Drewster III

Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely

Hey Everyone!

Today is Quote Prompt day!

What lead me to today’s Quote Prompt?

Sleeping, crazy vivid dream, something involving a woman betraying me, but to her surprise when she opens the file she betrayed me for, all it says is “Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely.”

Then my dream faded to black and I heard my alarm for 4:25 am to get up for work.

To remember a dream that vividly, even after an eight-hour shift at work, makes me wonder if this dream meant something more or was just something crazy my mind made up for kicks.

Regardless, I knew I had heard that quote before so I did some searching and found out my mind had got the quote wrong. I don’t blame my dream-mind for messing the quote up, it got the main message right.

The real quote goes like this,

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

– John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902).

Like I said, I don’t blame my brain for getting it wrong, because it is a pretty long quote and I think the dream scene had more impact because it was just, “Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely.”

Short, sweet, and simple. Like great writing is supposed to be.

For todays prompt, I want the quote (either version) to be the end of the scene. Set it up however you want, but make it the punchline or at least have it be a big player in the scene.

Again today’s PROMPT – Set up how you like, end with quote.

Should be a fun little romp into the fantastical parts of your mind. I know it was for me, and I didn’t even write the scene, just experienced it.

Have a great Thursday!

Sir Drewster III