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Wizard Divorce. What will happen?


Quick Prompt! Something that always bugged me while reading classics in the fantasy realm, the Wizards always have a lost love, a dead love, a love not in the picture, or just never found a love.

This isn’t really a big deal because I know why a lot of writers do it. Simply, it is because relationships are distracting and Wizards need to focus all their mental energies on helping the hero on their journey.

Picture Gandalf having to deal with a neglected wife while also helping Frodo with destroying the Ring of Power.

If you can imagine that, you get my point. Today’s prompt involves this lack of relationships in Fantasy stories.

PROMPT – Set up a Wizard character, have the character meet a Hero on their journey, then have the wife come home. Focus on that point of the story.

That relationship dynamic is where the drama is. Still have the Hero in the room, but switch the focus of the scene to the Wizard and their spouse. To really kick it up a notch, maybe have the spouse be a Sorceress or at least have some power in her own right to make the balance of power in the relationship on equal ground.

As I write this, I do have to remember a classic Wizard/Healer and Sorceress relationship in Robin Hood, Men in Tights. The bickering conversation of those two while they prepare the healing pellet is a perfect example of why most writers avoid spouses in their books.

I hope this makes sense.

Sir Drewster III

Give Me Your Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

I was just hanging out, wasting away my day off with some quality television and couldn’t take it anymore. I am so bored. The movie didn’t help this as The Karate Kid was not a good remake, at all.

I think I want to do a thought prompt to see if anyone can get me to write anything.

So, I turned off the requirements on the comments and so you should be able to just post up something and I will try to write about it.

Could be fun for everyone. What does this world need but more writing prompts.

So again, POST IN THE COMMENTS YOUR OWN PROMPTS, and I will pick my favorite and post it up when I have something resembling a story or at least a short scene.

Thanks to anyone who participates to help conquer my boredom.