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Superbowl of Sword Fights Prompt

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Thought I get another Prompt out for the weekend writing warriors.

Of course the SuperBowl is on today. If you have not experienced a Fantasy or SciFi adventure that didn’t have some sort of epic match up with weapons, Swords/Light Sticks with DubStep quality sound effects, then you have not earned the nerd badge of destiny (they are totally worth it by the way).

Writing action scenes is an art that can only be absorbed Highlander style. I hope this helps that preparation.

PROMPT time – Anticipation, Gambling, Food, and Swag are all important to the overall hype of the event. Try to capture that.

Note – Don’t worry about the actual showdown yet, just build the tension like no other.

Hope this helps get through all the homework and bad ads.

Sir Drewster III

Classical Monster Children Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to get a post out for the Friday night writing gangsters.

I am starting a research paper involving Frankenstein and Dren from Splice. Focusing on Dren being one of Frankenstein’s Great Grand Daughters (around 7th generation).

“Say what now?” said pretty much every person I told this to, but it is crazy how close the plot of these two stories are.

Here is an excerpt from my Paper Proposal:

Fear of losing control and the fear of the unknown irrationally dictates the decision-making process.

In modern times, advancements in genetics, robotics, medical and energy research, and many other areas has moved so fast that Splice translates into a warning of the not too distant future and what it may hold for humanity if we are not careful.

In Frankenstein, Shelley doesn’t condemn science itself, but rather the abuse and misuse of it by ignorant or irresponsible individuals.

PROMPT – Create a scion of a Classical Monster, like Frankenstein/Dren, and introduce them into the world of the not to distance future.

Hope this loosens the kink in the hose of your creativity. Happy Friday night.

Sir Drewster III

Little bit of Sunday PROMPT!

Hey Everyone,

Good Sunday to you! Hope the weekend has been good to you. I wanted to get a Prompt out this morning just in case there is others out there not wanting to get to their real work that may be due tomorrow. This is a Sparker Prompt or a journey kicker, where your character happens upon something to get them going on their journey.

PROMPT – Have a character stumble upon a giant piece of statue from “ancient” times. This statue is the key to the character’s initial push out of their warm-blanket kind of life.

Have fun everyone! Hope the week is filled with good food and great family,

Sir Drewster III

Immortal Boredom PROMPT!

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to get a Writing Prompt out before I went to the magical land of Costco. Domestic chores are always the best when served with samples!

PROMPT – Character is Immortal. Alive for at least 400 years. Get inside their head, explore their thoughts, translate to the page.

Of course the setting can be SciFi or Fantasy. Make it interesting though. The setting shouldn’t trump the thoughts of the Immortal. Make it twisty, make it fun.

Have a great Saturday!

Sir Drewster III

Flash Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the delay with the Prompts, house sitting has disruptive qualities for my writing.

Regardless, I had to get a Prompt out. I am even on my phone painstakingly typing on my touch screen.

Here it is, PROMPT – Write a Fantasy/SciFi Gang. No copy cats, make this gang original and interesting to read.

Hint – Every Gangster can be violent, try another emotional realm to make your Gang member have that little extra to get your readers hooked.

Visual Example: Think Robert DeNiro in Stardust. Cross dressing pirate with a secretly supportive and protective crew made those pirates stand out in my mind.

Have a great Friday and a blast with your new crew.

Sir Drewster III