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UPDATES, Employment Pivot, and Prompt

I know it has been a long time since I have posted on aJonster and I apologize about the amount of silence that has occurred, but that does not mean I have been idle with that time.

Over the next couple posts I will try to explain what has happened in my life that has caused such a great shift in my professional development, while also turning this audience onto a bunch of new companies and technologies I have stumbled across during my time of research.

First, ProNutria has an update page where its landing page used to be. I wonder what kind of announcements will be coming out in the next couple of weeks? I am hoping for their first Protein product, but it could really be anything, so fingers and toes will be crossed for that.


A few hints to this so called Pivot. First a Vocabulary Word.

Carbon Fiber – A reinforcing fiber produced by the pyrolysis of an organic precursor fiber, such as PAN (polyacrylonitrile), rayon or pitch, in an inert atmosphere at temperatures above 1800 degrees F.  The term carbon is often used interchangeably with the term graphite, but the fibers differ.  Carbon fibers are typically carbonized at about 2400 degrees F and contain 93 – 95% carbon.  Carbon fibers can be converted to graphite fibers by graphitization at 3450 F to 4500 degrees F after which they contain more than 99% elemental carbon.  Carbon fibers are known for the light weight, high strength, and high stiffness.


Second Hint, a Company Profile.

Yulex Corporation is revolutionizing rubber and energy production through sustainable, agricultural-based, latex allergy friendly solutions. The company harnesses crop science, zero-waste bioprocessing, and materials science for the production of biomaterials from the renewable, industrial crop guayule. Yulex’s biorubber, resin and biomass materials have medical, consumer, industrial and bioenergy applications. The company is based in the U.S. Southwest and has a growing global footprint. – See more HERE


Third Hint, a curve ball.

OriginOil’s Electro Water Separation™ (EWS) system is a continuous process to efficiently remove oils, suspended solids, insoluble organics and bacteria. Electro Water Separation seamlessly integrates two proprietary technologies: Single Step Extraction™ and Electro Flotation.

Initial Algae Application

EWS was developed for the algae industry to solve the critical problem of how to extract microscopic algae out of up to 1000 times its weight in water at high speed, while using neither chemicals nor excessive energy. The first custom systems delivered to our pilot partnership only delivered extraction, relying on other vendors for the concentration stage. Later, we developed and integrated Electro Flotation, and we can now achieve the concentration level of at least 5% algae solids.

Frack Water Cleanup

EWS has since found a promising direction in removing petroleum and other organic compounds from water used in oil and gas production. Recently in third party testing, EWS recovered 98% of hydrocarbons in a test sample of frack flowback water. Frack flowback describes water used in a drilling process called ‘hydraulic fracturing’, or ‘fracking’. This test sample was taken from an oil well from which 200,000 gallons of oil-rich water flowed back over a period of two weeks. The water resources firm PACE Engineering supplied the sample and analyzed the results shown in this photo.

Additional applications are expected in industrial waste water recovery.


Fourth Hint, I know this is breaking the literary rule of everything in threes, but I don’t care.

Glide SUP (Stand Up Paddleboards)


If the answer is yes, we welcome you to join the thriving ecosystem of Glide enthusiasts across the country and globe -the SUP buyers, dealers, retailers and team riders whose passion and loyalty have fueled our rapid growth and made us the fastest growing manufacturer of SUP boards in the world.


Inspired design 100%

Made in the USA

Versatile product line


Unparalleled performance

Compelling price points

And one more thing: we control every phase of the manufacturing process. This control provides a market agility that is unique in an industry dominated by off shore product. There is nothing nimble about waiting 8+ weeks for a container of imported Chinese boards to arrive and clear customs. At Glide, not a single element of the production cycle is outsourced. It all happens at our factory in Salt Lake City, the largest board manufacturing operation in the country. It’s this control of process flow and inventory that has made Glide such a trusted business partner to our dealers and retailers throughout the world.

But none of this means much of anything in the absence of product value. “Made in the USA” wilts in the market if it comes at a premium cost. Glide boards outperform and outlast other SUP brands by order of magnitude, and at price points that are in line with (and oftentimes lower) than the vast majority of the competition.

And we’ve got a board for every type of paddling you’re looking to do: recreational flat-water, high adrenaline whitewater, surf, race, yoga—you name it. We even make multi-purpose boards that do it all.


SO WITH ALL THE HINTS, can you guess what kind of change has happened in my life?

Now for a little prompt.

PROMPT – Your character is 95% done with something majorly important in their life, now throw life at them to force their own pivot.

Thanks for being there,

Addictive Andrew

Publishing App for That, Prompt!

Good Morning!

A morning of snow, black ice driving, and frantic essay reading forced me to look elsewhere for a couple of moments. A break for my mind is usually found in mindless internet browsing, filled with tech news and funny pictures. But my absence from has bugged me for quite some time, to the point that my mindless internet browsing was viewed from my third person POV as a bigger waste of time than usual.

I guess what I am trying to say is I will try better to get these Prompts back on track, though Senior year of college came with such a workload change that I may have to try to get my homework done (reason why my essay reading was frantic instead of nap inducing).

One reason the guilt of not writing these Prompts, that may or may not inspire at least a new Word doc to be created, was so overwhelming today was Apple’s announcement of the revamped iTunes U, free iBooks Author OS X app (for people to create eBooks/eTextbooks!), and iBooks 2 e-textbook platform with support from 90% of publishers, offering interactive Textbooks for around $14.99 or less (compared to $80 dead tree textbooks)!

That long, confusing poor excuse for a paragraph has reignited my desire to get a Prompt book created so I can pay for my never-ending college classes descending upon my bank account without the help of the Government. This announcement also holds promise for people like my almost high school graduated brother who could be released from the $500 book bill each semester (it is too late for me). I will most likely expand on this information at a later time, though right now, I just want to get to the Prompt.

To end this unorganized and rambled preamble before the internet gets tired of reading, here is the first Prompt of 2012!

PROMPT – Write a conversation, two characters (Fantasy or SciFi setting), where information is needed from a book and that information is stored in a singular device instead of the stock Wizarding library of never-ending books/bookshelves. 

Note – Since the hunt of said information is no longer the lynch pin of the scene, force a new focus for the characters to discuss. What happens to our worlds (Fantasy/SciFi) when unlimited information becomes common day and the journey for this information no longer occupies the middle part of the story?

Hope this Sunday Prompt has something of value to jumble up the creative juices.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sir Drewster III

Bored Sense Less Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

No time like a Friday night to push out a new Writing Prompt! Somewhere, someone may be in the same situation as me. What situation is that? All five of my English classes decide to do a writing based Midterm. Holy crap is next week going to suck. I have been staring at my calendar, trying to figure out how to even study for this massive teacher conspiracy to screw my grades up.

Any ideas, put them in the comments area. Enough venting, time for Prompt!

PROMPT – Write a Fantasy/SciFi character, any kind you want, that has a sense missing.

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it is a little harder to do than it seems. But the saving grace in this Prompt is that the character is in a Fantasy/SciFi realm. What does that mean? Freaking anything goes.

EXAMPLE – You want to make a Wizard blind? Have them use magic to increase their other senses. Terry Goodkind does an excellent job with this in his Sword of Truth series.

One of the best parts of being in these excellent genres is the fact that, if you give the reader enough concrete proof, the character can have robotic ears that can be tuned into radio stations because they are that sensitive.

This is meant to be a Friday night challenge for those who don’t have anything to do or don’t want to think about The Blithedale Romance or Young Goodman Brown for one more minute!

Have a great Friday, and a wonderful Weekend!

Sir Drewster III

Workshop OR Challenge? You decide!

Hey Everyone,

I sat down today to do a Prompt, but got distracted. I am in a new Creative Writing class right now and we had to write a Prompt along the lines of, write the action leading up to an Aha! moment. I guess this is one of those classic Prompts that seemed to be so out of the Fantasy world, they don’t really inspire me too much, but I did it like a good student because I paying a lot of money for this class.

Before we get to the story, today I am trying something new. You can either Workshop the story in the comments or try to figure a way to tie this into the Fantasy genre.

CHALLENGE – Workshop the roughest of rough drafts or Suggest in the comments what ways this story could transform into something Fantasy based. 

Here is the story! Remember, we are not writing realization, just the action up to the Aha! moment.


The cold of the snow seemed to be stuck in my fingers. A snowmen army may have been over ambitious for the chilly December day. Snow was different in December. It was hard, unforgiving, perfect for snowmen and snow balls, but it could seep deep into fingers that had only seen eight previous winters.

It was hard to resist a snow filled Saturday, especially with a family of seven. My brothers and sisters were busy making snow angels with my parents when I tried to recover the feeling in my fingers.

As the wooden stairs creaked under my slight weight, a tingle in my pinky encouraged my current de-thawing method of shake and suck. My Power Ranger themed boots came off in a few practiced motions as I noted an odd flavor on my index finger.

The entry way to my family’s four bedroom haven was unnoticed as my coat was abandoned in the hallway that lead to the linoleumed kitchen. One benefit of the cold weather was ability to quick slide across the smooth patterned floor on socks that seemed to be made for this type of transportation.

A quick look in the fridge did nothing to quiet my stomach or regain the motion of my thumbs. The calorie burn of assembling an army made of frozen water demanded refueling and the flavor coming off my fingers as each got their turn de-thawing needed to be replaced by something less salty. I closed the yellowed door holding five Christmas lists of varying readability and looked for something to cure my current needs. My eyes found the perfect mark.

Upon the old maple table my dad said his dad made, holiday desserts awaited my hunger. The story of that table made me think of the Brawny paper towel man chopping wood in a forest, slaving away for something my family now used as a landing pad for food and school books. I wished my grandpa didn’t die before I could articulate that my fingers were almost back to normal functioning appendages.

With my parents busy outside, my siblings otherwise occupied, and my stomach soon to be appeased with sugar perfection, it was time for adventure. A new house renovation had caused some areas of the house to be closed off for six months to then be reopened as the first snows hit. A grand tour was given to educate the family of the new areas they could use.

This openness was short-lived. As soon as the new rooms opened, add-on-land was closed up for the season. Locks, which were a new concept for the house, were added to my parent’s room and my dad’s new office before a proper inspection of these rooms could be had.

This mystery would now gain my full attention. I walked out of the kitchen, glanced at the Christmas tree to make sure Santa had not come while we were outside, went down the new hall that connected these new areas to the original house, and prepared myself for some lock picking.

Since I had no idea how to lock pick, I just started trying to use anything to open my parent’s door. I soon realized without a key, this door would be impossible. The new office was next.

This lock was not as heavily guarded. A quick carpet slide down the hall, landed me outside of my own room hunting for a wire hanger. With some quick handy work, I was able to fashion my first lock pick. I thanked my cartoon education for the episode behind my new lock pick and slide back to the unsuspecting door.

The bent head of the hanger slide into the door and after some aiming, a click released the catch of the lock. I pulled the handle down, cracked the door, scoped the room for any danger, and then eased into the room like a shy animal that slithers. I looked around and saw my father’s life spread out like one of the story books he read to us at night.

Desk, chair, lamp, pens, all the boring stuff an office holds could barely hold my eyes suspicious judgement. The closed closet made me pause.

Three quick steps placed me in front of the most mysterious thing I had met since breakfast’s odd episode of a new method to making pancakes. My fingers trembled as I reached for the inset circular handle of the door. The cold in my fingers now totally replaced with the thrill of the adventure.

I slide the door open as if it was pressurized. SWOOSH! My excitement burst as I found trash bag after trash bag laying on top of each other. Either my dad had gone crazy or he was storing our garbage for future use.

Since a smell didn’t blast my nostrils, I took a chance and made my fingers untie one of the tied bags. The shaking stopped as the bag fell open.


I know there is a lot to work on, and since this is the roughest of the rough, you can just post your comments on the story in the comments section. I promise to post a more conventional Prompt later this weekend, but I wanted to see the reaction to this post.

NOTE – If you did have any comments, don’t post huge chunks of the story, try to just get the relevant areas to back up your claim. Just referring to a section of the story is fine by me, I will figure it out.

Hope this is a little different for your weekend boredom (that is if you are bored).

Have a Safe and Happy Weekend,

Sir Drewster III

Give Me not a Dragon! (Writing Prompt)

Hey Everyone!

If you care at all about my well-being, I have settled back into the dorm environment rather smoothly. I have yet to get my bed from storage, but roughing it isn’t too bad. Just another thing to do this weekend, on top of the million other things I have to do before school starts on Monday.

I thought I would get a Prompt out before I went to my first Newspaper meeting. This Prompt is inspired by the new kitten that is a great distraction from my writing. Even though writing calls to me at all hours of the day, a kitten that loves to play in the water is too cute to pass up (in the middle of that sentence she came at me and demanded some petting).

PROMPT – Write me your Fantasy pet. Write me a Fantasy inspired pet that has a personality. Write me a Fantasy inspired pet that has a personality that is not a Dragon. Nothing against Dragons, but when you have a whole section of Dragon Adventure in the now extinct book store, it may be over used.

NOTE – If you do write me a Dragon, write it like Patrick Rothfuss did it, ORIGINAL. SPOILER ALERT if you have not yet read The Name of the Wind, but it isn’t really a Dragon, but that scene is amazing (while writing that sentence the kitten called Phish, just explored my head, then decided my ample shoulder space was a good spot for a rest.

Hope you have a great Friday. I will keep you updated on the Newspaper articles. I may have to add another “Writing” to the group of contributors.

Sir Drewster III

Random Prompt Because I want to!

Hey Everyone,

Sorry this is not Part Three of the Loyalty Prompts, I just had to do something a little different tonight. It was one of those days where Skittles and my Kindle were calling out to me. Today was one of those days that it just felt right to relax. So, today’s Prompt may have something to do with this.

What am I talking, today’s Prompt is exactly that. PROMPT – Write a lazy day in the Fantasy/SciFi world because even heroes need days off.

I think bonus points will be given to anyone who writes in some sort of Fantasy/SciFi candy. Because my Red bag of Skittles hit the spot that my Kindle opened up. Be inventive, I love food writing.

Have a great, relaxing Sunday night,

Sir Drewster III

Loyalty Part 2 Prompt

Good Saturday!

Hope the weekend is off to a great start. I wanted to get part two of the Loyalty Prompt out early.

This part is about building upon the loyalty that was established with Part 1. For today’s Prompt we are going to do something that the recent Captain America did. The Montage.

PROMPT – Try to write quick and fast glimpses of scenes where your characters show increasing levels of trust. 

This Prompt is meant to build up your characters relationship for the eventual Part 3 of the Loyalty Prompts. Remember to think Montage for this prompt. It will help with keeping the scenes fast and the readers engaged.

Have a great Weekend,

Sir Drewster III

Instigator Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Another quick Prompt today! Every hero needs someone or something to kick them into their journey.

So today’s PROMPT – Write your Hero’s Instigator. 

Try to be inventive with it. When I say Instigator, it can be anything. Example – person, thing, force, or even a banana peel!

Have a Great Friday night,

Sir Drewster III

Stuck Prompt

Hey Everyone,

It’s Friday, and I am tired.

Quick Writing Prompt today – Character is Trapped.

Dive into those inner thoughts and make the reader really feel that anxiety. Don’t forget to include the escape though or the reader will get pissed, unless you want to piss the reader off. That choice is up to you.

Have a great Friday night,

Sir Drewster III